You Got Your Wedding Dress, Now What? 3 Tips to Save on Alterations

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Hooray! You’ve decided on your dream wedding dress! Now what? Most wedding dresses aren’t made to fit you. A store’s “sample size” generally runs a larger size. Another reason is due to the unfortunate nature of a wedding gown. It may be made with a very structured bodice with a stiff corset, making it difficult to fit your unique body shape perfectly. 

You Got Your Wedding Dress, Now What? 3 Tips to Save on Alterations

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Cheaper Alterations
Depending on the type of alteration, you can save money with independent seamstresses. This is a great option if you only need very minor changes such as adjusting the hem length, straps, fixing zippers, etc. Independent seamstresses usually charge $10-20 an hour and you end up paying no more than $100 maximum. Look for more experienced seamstresses who have years and years of experience and can probably make any minor dress adjustments with their eyes close.

If you want to make structural changes to the dress, like taking in/out the seams, adjusting bodice and corset, then we definitely suggest going with someone who specializes in wedding dress alterations. Altering a wedding dress is unlike any other type of garment. You want experienced hands touching your gown with these major constructions.

Also consider a place that dry-cleans wedding dresses. Some offer alterations for slightly cheaper rates than wedding dress shops.


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