A Wife’s Letter to her Wedding

In Angel's Corner

My Dearest Wedding,

You are immaculately perfect in every way, from my beloved milky-smooth gown staying miraculously unstained and unwrinkled to all four of my perfectly draped bridesmaid dresses in exact shade of “Orchid Purple”. You sprinkled little white flowers, embellishing my lower neck while I get my dusting veil of flawless makeup, in hopes to cover my tears that would attack my face. I closed my eyes on top of the stairs, holding onto the upcoming breathes from you that I knew I would remember forever.

My song started and I can see the back of my last bridesmaid. You have arrived. My parents grasped onto my two elbows and gave me a coy smile. I am ready, they are too. I’ve been waiting for you for too long. I was about to, walk on the cool grassy aisle, under the spellbinding music and the glistening sun. I can smell breaths of fresh cut grass. It’s May, but a Hawaiian mid-afternoon May. My fingers shaking, crawling for a grasp, tight on my bouquet as I reminded myself to smile and enjoy the moments. My eyes blinked as if to take mini polaroids of the adoring smiles looking at me. Everyone is looking at me as I am scanning and searching for his eyes.

Under the flowing white layer of chiffon, flapping under the wind. My eyes found his and he gave me a gentle smile, a shy smile that curls on the right side of his lips. He’s nervous and happy, so am I. His white shirt is glistening through under the beating sun, a laugh came out followed by a sympathetic look. We are surrounded by love and our witnesses are here to share their love.

The words we rehearsed just the night before seemed to have all escaped me. Everyone has given their blessings and we shared our promises to each other, making a vow for a lifetime of laughs, adventures and happiness.  Our rings were swapped and we break out into a laugh and we survey the crowd, wanting to remember how it looks and feels, standing in front of everyone, making a promise to my soul mate and sharing a kiss to start our tomorrow.

Cheers erupted and we danced in our aisle, feeling an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and a new burst of maturity. I’m married and I am a new wife.

I turned back to look at my army of friends as they swarm toward me with hugs and laughters. They buried me with love and well wishes. Every one of them made you so special to me. Every one of them became a part of you. You climbing on the patio to hang the endless glowing lights, your igniting of each candle lighting up the night. You dashing out of the house in a musical synchrony, I was dumbfounded by all the surprises. Your serenading, no one, but two surprised sets of musicians. A snow-cone cart and its artist got pulled out, as if by magic, rolling in for an ice-cool treat, bringing us delicious smiles as the stars danced above us along with the perfect summer breeze. You were so perfect in the day and you evolved into the perfect night. We are exhausted from all the laughs and all the happy tears.

I realized after a decade of working on weddings, what incredible joy and hopeless romantic magic it truly is. I can only imagine and long for this moment and now I am able to taste this sweetness, spending the rest of my life with my perfect person and enjoying the most incredible day with my most special friends. This is what I felt in love with 10 years ago and this is what love feels like on my perfect day.

I made my life about you, about the creators of the perfect weddings. Thank you for turning my dream a reality today, on May 21st, 2014.

– From A Grateful New Wife

When I think about photos of weddings that doesn’t tell you where they are from and who made it happen, I worry. I wonder how many brides have not met their perfect creators of weddings everyday. What if you have seen the most breath-taking wedding that tickled your heart and soul yet you have never met your “soul mate”? What if some day you wish upon the stars for that perfect feeling and you are not sure who made that inspiration a reality and who can create your dreams?

I wish to connect every photo with its rightful creator and find all the hands of the people with their visions and hold it with their dreams with the perfect person who can make it come true. I became a creator of this website because I wanted to help everyone find their visions and find the people behind the photo that made it happen.

I want that for all the weddings, I want everyone to have what I’ve just experienced.

– Angel Pui, CEO – Weddingful