Two Comedians Tie the Knot in a Fun & Casual Toronto Wedding!

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Two Comedians Tie the Knot in a Casual FUN & CASUAL Wedding!

It was a cold  Thursday in November when Jamie and Deanna were headed to Toronto’s Comedy Bar unaware that their lives were about to completely change.  Both were set to perform with different acts at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival.  Little did they know that that night would change their lives.

Their first introduction was quite brief, but still enough to get Jamie stuck in Deanna’s head! It was the second one that really lit the fire up! They were at the show’s wrap party, and Deanna was dancing away on the dance floor when a stranger approached her and started dancing with her, Matt (the mutual friend who made the first introduction) upon seeing this immediately thought about saving her friend and put Jamie in front of Deanna (what a great friend) and said: “My friend likes you!” The rest was a fairytale in both of their eyes. Two and a half years later these two decided to make their love official to the rest of the world and got married in Toronto Second City and had a beautiful white and electric blue reception at the Julius Banquet Centre.

First Dance!
First Dance!
Officially Married!
Officially Married!
Fun Bride!
Fun Bride!
Bridesmaids lookin' great in blue!
Bridesmaids lookin’ great in blue!
Beautiful couple
Beautiful couple

Couple: Deanna & Jamie

Wedding Date:  July 13, 2013

Wisdom from the bride: “Go at your own pace and don’t forget to breathe. Remember what it is all about…You are marrying your best friend, that’s all that matters.”

The Wedding Vendors:
♥ Officiant – Enduring Promises
♥ Venue for Ceremony – The Second City
♥ Venue for Reception – Julius Banquet Centre
♥ Photography – Lali Photograpy
♥ Makeup –Taylor Byers
♥ Hair – The Golden Comb
♥ Bridesmaids – David’s Bridal
♥ Dress –Becker’s Bridal
♥ Men’s Suites – Moores
♥ Flowers – Avenue Flower
♥ Gift Registry – Wedding Republic & Sears

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