Weddingful Makes Wedding Planning Simple – for Brides and for Vendors, too!

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instagram-post-brideFor Brides

There’s so much more than a few words behind that special “I do” moment: planning a wedding involves coordinating a dozen moving pieces, from contacting vendors to tasting cakes to sprucing up your guest room. There’s no doubt about it: brides-to-be keep themselves busy.

Very busy.

However, just as a bride and groom should enjoy their wedding day, they should also enjoy the months leading up to it – after all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime engagement! It’s easy to get caught up in all of the planning, researching, coordinating, and scheduling – and that’s where Weddingful has stepped in.


What’s Weddingful?

Weddingful is your online wedding planner. It’s a platform that connects couples with vendors who match their style, needs, budget, and schedule.

Not only does Weddingful connect you with wedding professionals, it also guides you along the way. It’s not every day that you plan a wedding, and sometimes it feels like a leap into uncharted territory. Brides and grooms can get advice from Weddingful’s guides that explore tips, trends, and the do’s and don’ts of planning a wedding.


How does it work?

  1. Show us your dream wedding: Describe your wedding vision with a short, 3-minute quiz.
  1. View vendors that match: We screen through thousands of vendors using our algorithm, matching you to vendors to fit your requirements. Each match includes:
  • Personal message
  • Price list
  • Services offered
  • Portfolio of work
  • Testimonials
  • Contact info
  1. Choose the right one! If you need more info, you can message or call vendors. This allows you to find the perfect package for your needs and discuss custom options.
  1. Have a bath. That’s it! Just sit back and relax!


How do I start?

To start making your wedding dreams a reality (while also enjoying your engagement in the process), you can start using our free Wedding Wizard planner today!





For Vendors

Every wedding professional knows that a wedding is an elaborate event involving dozens of moving pieces, from hairstylists to florists, from caterers to tailors, from stunning bridesmaids to busy photographers – and the list goes on! More and more, brides and grooms are searching online in order to score the best photographers, fondue fountains, and floral arrangements. With so much online wedding hullabaloo, it’s easy for wedding professionals to get lost in the shuffle.

That’s where Weddingful is stepping in.

Weddingful is a new online platform that connects wedding professionals with clients. It’s a space where brides and grooms can browse for wedding vendors, and where wedding vendors can showcase their work. Here are some of things wedding vendors gain from Weddingful:


Increased visibility online

Wedding vendors create a profile that shows images of their work and details about their pricing, deals, and packages. As engaged couples browse the site, they can reach out to the vendor’s that capture their interest.

The ability to find and contact new clients

For growth-minded businesses, Weddingful offers a two-way conversation: brides can contact vendors, and vendors can also contact brides. A bride’s profile displays information about the wedding date, location, and guest count, and includes photos of their wedding inspiration. This provides wedding professionals the rare opportunity to learn what a bride is looking for even before starting a conversation.

The ability to find clients based on their own schedule

One sticking point of the wedding and events profession is the calendar: depending on the time of year, a wedding vendor’s calendar can swing dramatically between overloaded and underwhelmed. Weddingful solves this problem by allowing vendors to view the brides’ schedules in advance, enabling them to focus on weddings that fit their availability.

The chance to showcase their business as a top brand

“How can I cut through the noise?” It’s a constant question in today’s busy, technology-infused world. Weddingful has developed a Wedding Planning Guide that brides and grooms can reference for finding the top wedding vendors in their area. By being featured on the Wedding Planning Guide, wedding professionals will gain visibility and status as a top brand in their field.


No one likes shelling out dough when they don’t have to. That’s why Weddingful has developed a results-based payment system. In other words, wedding vendors enjoy the financial flexibility of paying only for results: as brides see, click, and message the vendor, their account will reflect this activity. Vendors choose their monthly budget, and they can stop or change it at any time.


How do I start?

With new brides and grooms joining the site every day, Weddingful’s excited to serve as a host for connecting wedding dreams with the people who can make those dreams come true. To get involved, join us as a vendor on the Weddingful website.