Wedding Requests – Myths and Tips Unveiled

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Since the launch of our Wedding Requests page, we’ve connected hundreds of new couples and vendors who may have missed each other otherwise.

Why wait for brides and grooms to find out about you, when you can find and reach out to them? 

“Weddingful Requests” is a super simple, 2-step way to browse weddings that are shopping for someone like you.  You can send a quote directly to them and get in touch instead of hoping they’ll find you. Save time with all the back and forth exchange and just see exactly what they need and give your quote so you get right to the booking.

Today we want to answer the most frequently asked questions from vendors about how this new service works.

How old are these requests?

We post the requests in real-time and they are posted with newest on the top. We generally get over 20-50 a day so the first page or so are usually within that day and as you scroll down you may come across some requests that have been posted for a week. Since couples will expire and delete their requests as they book someone, you will not see requests that have found someone already.

When does the couple get my quote?

After adding all the weddings that you like in your shopping cart and paying the total fee with your credit card or using your credit bundle. All your quotes will be sent in real-time separately to the respective email addresses. A conversation is also started between you and the bride or groom in our message system so you can follow up later with their information.

How do I give a price estimate when some information is missing?

This price quote is meant for you to approach a wedding with your “bid” so to speak. Sometimes a couple is new to the planning process or new to this particular item so they may not know much about the finite details or they simply forgot to mention a few things that might be in their head, skip the price estimate and send a personalized message to ask some questions or give them a ball-park figure and a sample price. For example “I’m not sure how many hours of coverage you might need, but you are looking for full day photography then it would be around $____ , if you just need 6 hours or 8 hours, I can do around $___ or $___” You can always skip the price estimate field if you are not sure or not able to give one exact price.

Setting a date

Am I committed to the couple after sending a quote?

Not at all, this is your way of proactively sending quotes to a couple to win their business. You can still negotiate, meet and gather more information to finalize the quote and wedding booking which can happen however way you run your business. For example, you can still email them your contract and give them your normal standard terms and agreement.

Why do some couples post a request and some couples send a message through my profile?

How a couple plan their wedding is as unique as the wedding they are planning. While there are some patterns, no two couples are alike. While this might be generalizing, most couples start by posting a request, learning about that particular categories, offerings and options by gathering quotes, while they browse the listings and different profiles next to “dive deeper”. If they have specifically found you and message directly to your profile, it’s definitely a “warm” lead, we’ve also seen success where couples got a few quotes from the requests and just picked the best out of that group. At the end, all couples just want to know what options are out there for them and then pick the best that suits them, no matter the method.

How would I hear back?

Couples receive your quote immediately after your payment via their email address and via our message system. A conversation is started in the inbox between the two of you so at any point, they can reply directly to you. As long as you are subscribed to our emails, you will receive an email notification that there’s a new message. 

Can I enable notification to get a reply back?

Be sure to turn on your account notifications with us so you always stay on top of all your messages. Also, save “” or “” on your email client as safe email addresses so we never hit your junk mail to ensure you get a speed email notification.

We are also adding SMS (Text Message) and Mobile App notifications very soon so you will hear about new requests for your category and city and new responses instantly.

When can I expect to hear back from the couple?

Depending on which stage of planning the couple might be in, he or she might be gathering more quotes and considering them over an available weekend with the fiancé, don’t be alarmed if it takes around 1-2 weeks to hear back. We have found most couples take about 2-4 weeks to plan a certain category and sometimes decision take a little. Do follow up with them gently and ask if there are any other questions/answers you can provide if you don’t hear back after the 1-2 weeks time-frame.

How do I know if the couple has accepted my quote? or booked with someone else?

Currently when a couple has booked with someone else, their request will “Expire” and they will no longer be on the list. However, we understand that you probably don’t want to check the list everyday, so we are working on adding new features to let you know whether a couple has read your email, enabling a couple to indicate whether they liked or disliked your quote or any feedback they may have. We also will add a feature to indicate whether they have booked someone else so you get an update on this wedding and can stay on track with your sales and bookings.

Is there any other fees, commissions or legal stuff I should know about?

Not at all, this is a super simple way for you to take initiatives for your business and reach out to interested brides and grooms or fill in a date on your precious calendar. Your only fee is the quote fee which is $5. Once you have paid, the quote will be sent and you will be connected directly to the couple. You are not obligated to pay us any commissions, you are not required or committed to sell anything or packages by sending a quote. You are simply approaching interested weddings to put your name out there, give them your information and quote, in hope of winning their business. You are welcome to chat further in person, on the phone or email to discuss their wedding needs and finalize their bookings however way you like.

Do I need a membership to send quotes out?

You do need a Weddingful Vendor Account to send quotes out (as opposed to a bride/groom one), but you do not need to upgrade to our listings. The only fee is the quote fee that’s collected when you checkout and send the quotes. No other recurring fees or membership fees are required. You can pay as little as 1 single quote to send it out. Whenever you send a quote out, we do send your account and profile to the couple so they get to know you more so it is a good idea to update your profile and add your prices/services there so they learn about you as much as possible but there is no fees for that.

If you have any more questions regarding Wedding Requests, you may find your answers here or email us at and we’ll open a ticket for you.

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