How 98% of Brides Shop – Wedding Packages Explained

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Here at Weddingful HQ we interact with thousands of brides daily, keeping our finger on the pulse when it comes to the how’s and why’s brides are booking wedding vendors. With that in mind, we would like to explain to you what a Weddingful  ‘popular package’ is, as we have found 98% of brides love to shop popular wedding packages.

Your popular packages are bite sized information that brides love to eat.

Picture this, she has done her research and you have won her over, she likes what she sees and your reviews check out… now what?

She get’s in contact with you and the enquiry process begins. The enquiry could go either way, but it is great to have the lead!

Here’s another opportunity, she could book one of your ‘popular packages’ directly from your Weddingful profile. How does it work? she pays a small deposit (set by you), the booking is confirmed and the two of you can meet/arrange final details and payments. It is almost like skipping a step!

If you don’t believe you can have a popular package, read on. If you don’t want to have a popular package, read on and remember that 98% of brides are shopping these packages. To learn more, you guessed it, read on!

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Discounts are not a criteria. You of course can add a special discount, but it is not a must. A popular package is simply your regular rate set by you, think of it as another store front.

The following steps will help you identify your packages:

– Have you noticed a trend in the services your clients have been booking? e.g. make-up for 1 bride and 3 bridesmaids (package alert!) by simply adding a price to a popular service you are weeding out tire-kickers from real leads.

– Is there a logical starting point where your services begin? e.g. cake company, will always start with a cake/dessert.  Make package that can serve as a starting point that brides can build upon.

– Do you have a special price when a certain service is booked? e.g. 10% off when engagement shoot is also booked with full day wedding photography (that’s a package).

– Is there a date you would love to book that is traditionally empty? e.g. Autumn, Winter? Can you offer a small discount for off-peak weddings? (put a package on it).

Your popular package’s act as an insight into your full services on offer. A carefully constructed package can lead to direct sales. As I said before our research shows 98% of brides love to shop popular packages, so let’s give them what them want!

Here are some fantastic examples of live packages on Weddingful right now:

Popular packages, Weddingful explains

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