Wedding Marketing Tips to Get More Business Now

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Wedding Marketing Tips to Get More Business Now

Do you own a wedding business? Looking for ways to improve your brand, be seen by more potential customers and book more weddings? With a wealth of industry knowledge Weddingful CEO, Angel Pui, shares her top wedding marketing tips to help you get more customers now.

Strengthen your branding

Many wedding businesses have very similar names and, to make matters worse, most names involve the word “wedding” in it. Stand out from the crowd with a memorable name, one that’s self explanatory and easy to remember. Strengthen your company image with a polished logo, consistent style and make a great first impression to couples. Yes, they will be judging you.


Say it with photos

Whether it’s on your company website or on our website’s free profile, you should showcase your work in the best light possible. Invest in amazing product shots, or ask a photographer you’ve worked alongside to send you some professional shots of your work. It will make a world of difference since couples like visual inspirations on what you are capable of. Weddingful has no limit on how many photos you can upload on your profile, so go nuts! Make sure you pick photos that range in a wide variety of styles, since you are catering to different types of customers. A safe bet would be to showcase your most popular item, followed by something standard and simple and finally something vibrant, bold and different. This will show your range and allow for the couple’s own imagination.


Stand out from your competitors

What do you do? Flowers. No, really… what do you do that’s different from all the other stylists and florists? When it comes to picking the right vendors, couples have something exact in mind. Really differentiate yourself from the other vendors by listing out all the criteria you are able to provide. This allow the couples to know right away that you are able to meet their need and that they should talk to you. Do you deliver? Do you offer complimentary consultation? Do you offer post-production? Complimentary prints? Make sure you list them out so the couples know all the perks from you! With a free profile on Weddingful, you’re able to add all the criteria your business can do that allows couples to search and match to you. Check all that applies!


Give them what they want

What do women like more than shopping? Saving! Do you have a killer deal you need to broadcast to couples? Do you have a limited time offer? Make sure you promote it, loud and proud. Most couples decide on their vendors based on suitability. Once they narrow down the search to the top contenders, most often it’s the price and bargain that wins!


Be quick and available

Are you available on their wedding date? That’s a deciding factor of course. What’s more important is how available are you and how quick can they get a response and price quote from you. Most couples spend about 2 weekends shopping for something specific. For example, let’s look at bridesmaids dresses this and next week. If you are quick on your feet and respond to their inquiries in a timely manner, it gives them a sense of confidence and also exudes credibility. Ensure you have access to your inquiries and leads at all times.


Be flexible

Every couple wants the perfect wedding and every couple wants something customized for their big day. Offer a standard package but be sure to change a few things to fit the couples need. Don’t be shy about it either; make sure they know everything is customizable, flexible and can be molded for their needs.


Ship everywhere

Over 92% of couples now shop and research for their wedding online. Do you sell tangible products? Make sure you are marketing to couples nation wide and that your shipping policy is easy for out of town couples. Do you travel as a photographer? Market your services as international and get even more leads and interested couples. Sometimes they can’t find what they are looking for in their hometown, giving you that edge!


Connect with them online

Since they are shopping and doing all their research online, meet them online. Make sure you are visible where they hang out. Are you on Facebook, with a fan page full of wonderful photos and testimonials? Do you have a twitter account, tweeting new products and deals? Do you have a Weddingful free online profile? Make sure they can find you when they are looking for vendors online.


Scratch someone’s back

There are 24 categories of things a couple has to buy for their wedding. What you offer is just one of them! Next time you set up a wedding, chat with the photographer or florist and start making some connections. You are going to start seeing each other anyway. Who knows? A budding friendship often blossoms over a few weddings in the summer! Trade notes with other vendors in the wedding industry, refer couples to them and they will do the same.


Meet them in person

Whether at a wedding show or a free consultation, nothing beats conveying your vision and abilities like you can in person. Do you have chemistry with the couples? Show them your creativity and your personality in person and book that couple.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with other businesses in the Weddingful community? Have you experienced successes or failures firsthand?

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