5 Things bridal stores don’t want you to know about Wedding Dress Shopping

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Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding Dress Shopping insider info!

Every bride dreams of her perfect wedding dress and the day that she’ll get to wear it. The truth is shopping for that perfect wedding dress can sometimes be an unpleasant experience. There’s a lot of advice out there on how to manage your expectations, who to bring, what kind of bra to wear, etc… but what about the things to look out for? We share with you some insider info on the top 5 things that bridal stores don’t want you to know.

[icon name=icon-heart] When making an appointment, don’t tell the bridal store your budget over the phone – The smaller your budget, the less time you’ll be given for an appointment… which means fewer dresses for you to try on. Keep it vague by saying you haven’t decided yet and that you’ll put some thought into it before the appointment.

[icon name=icon-heart] Be wary of up-selling and hidden costs – We’ve heard of brides being up-sold on things like beaded belts when they were already included in the cost of the dress. Always do your research ahead of time and if something seems shady, question it but your best bet is to move on to a reputable store.

[icon name=icon-heart] Alterations don’t have to be done in-house – Once you purchase your wedding dress at a bridal store, it’s yours. Sales clerks might give you the impression that your dress is being held hostage but it’s not (unless, of course, you signed a contract stating otherwise). Shop around for a seamstress, read reviews, and get prices. You might end up saving some cash and getting a better alteration job.

[icon name=icon-heart] Pay by installments using a credit card – For your protection, never pay in full and always use a credit card that has purchase protection. If a bridal store shuts down unexpectedly (sad but a true reality), you might not be able to get your dress… or recoup your cash otherwise.

[icon name=icon-heart] Predate your wedding – Tell the bridal store your wedding date is 2 – 4 weeks earlier than it actually is. This will alleviate stress and also ensure your dress will be ready in time. Win win!

Do you have tips to pass along to other brides? We’d love to hear them… comment below! 


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