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We chatted with Geoff Shellard, founder of More on the Floor Entertainment to get the low down on his wedding business and some great insider tips about how to stay on top of your game in the wedding industry.

How long have you been in the wedding business? “I’ve been doing it off and on since 1998. Its only in the last four years that I worked with someone else and also dabbled in a partnership, but in the last two years I went back to going solo as More on the Floor Entertainment, a take on the dance music style ‘four on the floor’ ”

Where are you based and what areas do you serve? “I am based in Richmond but I’m fully mobile. I’ve been all over BC so I’m quite confortable going where my clients need me.”

Do you offer any additional services to brides? “Karaoke for the reception and singing services”

What kind of budgets do you work with? “I have four packages that range from absolute minimalistic Dj’ng, and then the rates increase with the addition of services or peripherals, such as karaoke, lighting, and whether I’m covering off music during the wedding, too. I’m flexible with some additions after booking and strive to accomodate all all requests. I don’t think a wedding DJ needs to be an expensive part of the wedding so I charge what I think are fair rates without diminishing my award-winning level of customer service.”

In your opinion, what is the number one wedding faux- pas a DJ can commit? “I’ve worked with other people who believe the show is about them. They forget that they are customer service professionals and that reputation is everything.  Social media is a powerful force for success or failure.  Remember that every decision made in the face of stressed out brides, planners,  etc. will be made to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Oh, and don’t partake of the open bar too much. Know your limit… DJ within it.”

At the end of the night, how do you measure your own success? “A) I get paid the balance owing. B)  People are still dancing right down to the final song and I helped them do that. I’m the Pied Piper! I lead them to the floor with the right music. Oh,  and C) Everyone gets to dance to the songs they requested.  That’s incredibly important to me. 100% song request satisfaction. “

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