WE HEARD YOU! Exciting changes launched this August

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We want to thank our brides and vendors for always sending us great feedback. It’s part of keeping our community active and healthy and we really appreciate it!

Here are the exciting new changes we launched this August:

1. Much shorter and simpler list.
Featuring only Elite and Standard vendors – our lists of 500s will now transform into a 30s to 50s or so giving you much more attention and spot-light.

2. Couples can save their searches.
These requests are shown, which means you can now see all the on-going needs and available weddings online.

3. Proactively reach out to couples.
No more waiting around for messages, send messages and quotes to ideal weddings you are interested in. Get started here.

4. Flexible pricing on any packages.
Not all vendors like to post rates. Although we see more messages with packages with prices, vendors can now market their services as they see fit with the “Negotiable” option on packages.

5. Banner ads and premium listings on every category.
More marketing options for our vendors to make sure they don’t go unnoticed.

6. Message box on your profile doesn’t require any accounts or logins.
Brides can message a vendor from their profile page without having to log in. Easier and quicker connections!


If you are a vendor and have more questions, please contact getfeatured@weddingful.com