Beautiful Blush Pink Vintage & Rustic Vancouver Wedding

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Laura & Sean


beautiful blush pink vintage & RUSTIC vancouver WEDDING

The first encounter for Sean and Laura was at Pita Pit while they were both being trained for a new store opening in Abbotsford. They definitely did not fall in love right away! Laura claims she thought Sean was lazy; and he thought Laura was bossy. But as time went by, their differences faded and 4 months later they were head over heels in love. Soon after, their joint love of travel took them on a trip to Scotland and once when they were back, they knew this was the real deal!

Their wedding showed their passion for travel with a vintage world traveller theme. They mixed travel to new places with lace and pearls – Laura’s favorites for their decor. They borrowed and hunted and crafted for months to get all their unique decor pieces. They had everything from pearls draped from the ceiling to tarnished platters at the dessert table and globes randomly placed. Even their catering was travel themed with Italian, Indian and Irish stations!

The “spark” at the wedding was when Laura, with her dad and stepdad on each arm, was rounding the path to the alter and there was suddenly a huge loud crash! A man had stopped in his truck and a lady, who was paying more attending to the wedding than driving, rear-ended him! Laura claims this relieved her nerves!

See some of our favorite pics of Laura and Sean’s fabulous blush pink wedding below:

Beautiful couple on a white vintage couch

Groom waiting for his bride on a white vintage couch

White bow tie and blush pink shirt, great looking looking groom!

Bride making sure groom looks sharp on the big day

Pink Blush Shoes, roses and a map as vintage decor!

Vintage Chandeliers, mini suit cases, and glasses

Beautiful bridesmaids wearing blush pink vintage dresses with baby spread bouquets

Blush Pink Vintage Decor and Bride + blush pink flower girl dress!

Vintage Chinaware with blush pink decor and baby spread  and roses centrepieces

Beautiful Rustic Background

Bridal Party rocking a blush pink and silver theme

Bride & Groom enjoying the view!

Couple: Laura & Sean in Langley, BC.

Wedding Details:  September 13th, 2014 on Langley, British Columbia

Wisdom from the bride: “My biggest piece advice is to make lists! Especially a list of photos you want. I KNEW I should have done this yet I didn’t make it a priority and what happened? Well we missed out on A LOT of “once in a life time photos”. We have lots of great shots but many important people in our lives don’t have that personal photo…including a set of grandparents! Another piece of advice would be to research and decide ahead of time what is most important and what you are willing to spend more money on. I skimped on some things so I could afford the chairs I wanted. And use your friends’ skills! ”

The Wedding Vendors:

♥ Entertainment –Heather Murray, Airwaves Music
♥ Photography – Rachel Patterson Photography
♥ Photo Booth – Flash Photobooth
♥ Venue – Fort Langley Community Hall
♥ Officiant – Pastor John Crawford
♥ Hair & Makeup– Flawless Appeal
♥ Men’s suits– Black & Lee Tuxedo
♥ Cake– Gateaux by Guillou
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