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A Toronto Hair & Makeup Artist’s Story

Kristen Foote — Moving from one city to another, starting her life anew (let alone new friends and needing referrals from scratch) is extremely scary, difficult and daunting. Back in 2011, Kristen moved from Vancouver to Toronto and wanted to make a living doing what she loves — hair and makeup. “I really want to do wedding hair and makeup, in the new city of Toronto, is that possible? How do I do that? What do I have to do?” We still recall our first conversation with Kristen just before she moved.

“Your work looks amazing so it’s about getting the Toronto brides to see you and that you are the right fit. Let’s show a calendar of available dates, your portfolio of amazing past work and let’s get a wide variety of attention-grabbing hair/makeup packages so it’s DEAD SIMPLE to book you and you are fit to almost anyone. One step at a time and it won’t be so scary. One wedding will lead to a second, and before you know it, your network is built. How amazing would it be to do what you love and thrive in the new city.” — Angel, founder of Weddingful

Back in 2011, Kristen is a brave soul and she went for her passion. After putting herself out there, posting her work, her packages, things took off and now for the 4th year in a row, she’s our partner and one of our most popular ones too.

“Weddingful is the only reason I am able to be a hair & makeup freelancer in Toronto. I signed up to book a few weddings to supplement my income but now Bridal Hair/Makeup IS my income, I even have a team. Weddingful gave me credibility and is a great platform to showcase my work to potential Toronto brides. My first year, 100% of my bookings were all through Weddingful! Thank you!” — Kristen Foote, Hair & Makeup Artist



A Vancouver Cake Maker’s Story

Jenny Bakes — When Jenny first started with Weddingful a few years ago, she never went past creating an account and profile. Her journey screeched to a halt as she was skeptical about paying for advertising and have never paid for any marketing.

Her businesses at that time were all coming from word-of-mouth — essentially the only thing she knew working for her was just that. So when vendors have never tasted the success or tried the process of paid advertising, why start now? Like many small businesses, investing money in your own business or growing bigger than you know how, can be daunting. Some business owners even keep their full-time job just to stay as is. What makes this concept really difficult is, absolutely no one ever likes parting with their money. Paying for something you don’t know much about? Forget about it.

For years, Jenny kept our account and got a handful of wedding and finally noticed that word-of-mouth while comfortable does not grow more and she started wanting more. We urged her to try something new, despite fear, that would give her a new result.

Paid marketing can be scary but it’s also very rewarding since it’s the only rite of passage on and how every successful business grew. Word of mouth is organic and you can’t control, so to increase your business and have control over it, you just have to learn and master paid marketing, but once you figure it out, it’s yours to keep! Jenny took the leap of faith and was featured with lots more exposure, now she’s getting a hang of paid advertising and seeing her business grow.

“Weddingful helps me get connected in a much bigger way. I saw my business grow, going from a wedding every couple months to being fully booked every single weekend. I didn’t use to believe in paying for advertising but now would absolutely recommend it! The membership pays for itself, Weddingful has changed my business completely.” — Jenny Bakes, Cakes & Desserts


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A Toronto Photographer’s Story

Nechai Studio Photography — Svitlana was one of our very first vendors when we launched in Toronto, ON. She shared our vision of making wedding planning easier and gave us the leap of faith back in 2010 when we were practically unknown.

Her business was running well, but she wanted more business (who doesn’t?). She was skeptical with a new company but saw the opportunity. Now she has weathered all our growing pains and creative campaigns with us and we grew up together! We still remember chatting with her for the first time about her love of photography, her philosophy and how she wanted to grow her then “young” business. Now her calendar is often full and we can’t even send too many referrals in. 🙂 One very notable referral is our own brother, Kevin and Catriona, they got married in McMichael Gallery in 2014.

“Right away, I knew who they should call, their style matches and I knew who would make their magical experience even more amazing. Svitlana is responsive, communicative, detailed-oriented but laid-back, perfect combination for my siblings.” — Angel, founder of Weddingful

After 5 years of amazing partnership together, Nechai Studio Photography and her Weddingful profile come up immediately on Google and like we said, her calendar is always full. We try to send her many other weddings that would fit her unique combination of style and she can only choose the dates she’s still open.

“We really appreciate working with the Weddingful team too. Always so quick and great “problem solvers”. It’s also great that Weddingful keep searching for new ways of doing things, experimenting with new approaches. We get ALOT of business from Weddingful. Brides find us because Weddingful and our profile are top ranking on Google. I would definitely recommend Weddingful to anyone!” — Svitlana, Nechai Studio Photography

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