Vancouver Wedding Cake Shop, Featured Wedding Vendor

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You might already have a favourite bakery, but get ready to have another favourite – one that also makes wedding cakes!  We’re happy to feature Luscious Creations, a one-of-a-kind Vancouver area wedding cake shop that has been featured on Weddingful for more than 2 years –  just have a look at the cakes and you’ll see why.  With three cake artists who are super creative and flexible – they work with both fondant and butter cream icings, can make your cake in (almost) any flavour that you can dream of, and offer diabetic-friendly, vegan-friendly, or gluten-free! They also make cupcakes and cake pops.

The BEST part about Luscious Creations is that their wedding cakes are the same prices as their other cakes – how many cake shops can say that?

Right now, Luscious Creations has four amazing packages available on Weddingful:

♥  3-Tier Wedding Cake 50% off Custom-designed Bridal Shower Cake100 Cake Pops with Cutting Cake Topper, and 100 Cupcakes with Cutting Cake Topper.

From one of Luscious Creations’ customers: “My cake pop purchase from Luscious Creations was amazing! They were professional, helpful and created a great product that I still think about. We ordered the raspberry red velvet and they were like nothing I have ever tasted before.”

♥  Check out this Vancouver Cake Shop today!