Secrets to Success Revealed by Vancouver Wedding Photographer: Will Pursell

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Will Pursell Photography

Secrets to success revealed by vancouver wedding photographer: will pursell

Guest post by: Will Pursell, Vancouver – Owner of Will Pursell Photography

Want to know the secrets to success in the Photography industry? We spoke to Will Pursell, successful photography business owner, and he shared with us his motivations, strategies and tips on how you can achieve success in your business.

Vancouver Wedding Photographer
Will Pursell Photography

Why did you start your business?

I was always creative but never had an outlet for it. I had never picked up a camera until I went on a ski vacation to Lake Louise where I tore my ACL first day. I didn’t have much else to do but take photos of my friends skiing, after that first day I was hooked and 12 years later here we are. I focus on weddings, since I love the emotion, people and creativity that the day brings”

What are you focusing on the moment to improve your business? 

“At this point we are really focusing on our albums and printed products. We are working on a new showroom to showcase all of our albums and products. Seeing the images in the way they were meant to be seen is important to us. I can’t stand when I go to a clients house and they show me their images on their uncalibrated computers. Often when we provide the printed product such as enlargements and albums, people will mention they had no idea there was that much detail and colour in the images. The albums are our personal favorite because they showcase the story in a perfect way with lots of images. Lauren custom designs every album in an amazing way, and the colour and clarity of these albums are amazing.”

How do you keep up with today’s trends?

“We don’t really follow trends. When everyone was doing their washed out vintage photos we just stuck true to the style we developed. I come from an action sports background with super punch images that capture motion and its really the only way I know how to shoot.”

Vancouver Wedding Photography
Will Pursell Photography

What are your key marketing strategies?

Just do really good work. We always try and wow our clients with everything we do which ends up in a lot of referrals and buzz.”

Who are you favorite customers?

We tend to attract people just like us. By the time the wedding day is over we are all friends and often even go for some drinks later down the road. Most people can see our vision for the photography and let us just go for it.

What advice would you give anyone wanting to enter the Photography industry?

“Keep at it. We tried so many different types of photography until we fell in love with weddings. Also, don’t try and copy other people because if you do you will never get ahead.

Vancouver Wedding Photography
Will Pursell Photography

What is the most important factor that contributes to the success of your business?

“We live and breathe the photography business. Even on vacation cameras don’t leave our hands. Most of our hikes and late nights even end up in conversations about photography. “

What do you love about your job?

“I love the creativity we can put on everything. I love being able to work from home everyday with Lauren and I love being the boss! haha.”

Which business owner do you admire? Why?

Kind of a nerdy answer but I love Nintendo as a business, because they are constantly criticized for the decisions in things such as their hardware but they always stand behind what their decisions are and it always pays off for them in the long run. They are always the underdog in terms of system specs but always make by far the best games”

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