Top 10 Ideas to Make Your Wedding FUN!

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It’s wedding season, and you want your wedding to be the “Wedding of the Century!” but alas – you’re not the only one getting married. So how can you separate your wedding from the rest of the pack, and have it memorable but in a good way? Make it FUN! And here are the top 10 ways to achieve that:

1. Do a Fun Kissing Game

Instead of getting people to clink glasses (so normal) – at the last wedding that I MC’ed, the groom is an avid golfer, so people had to get a hole-in-one on a portable golf putting set to get the couple to kiss.  It was a huge success!  Think about something that is both meaningful and fun to you, and this will be the best time to get your loved ones to try something new!

2. Use Decorations That Remind Your Guests of a Party

No one wants a giant disco ball at their wedding, but how about some balloons, or even a pretty piñata that the kids can attack later?  You can pick one up at a decent price on Etsy. Think about what you really liked at the last party that you went to, and incorporate that into your wedding!

wedding pinata

Source: Etsy

3. Let Your Guests Throw Stuff at You!

And by that, I mean nice, light things when you’re leaving the ceremony! If you want to go the classier and more traditional route, you can always do bird seeds, or rice, but if you want to go the fun route, how about letting your guest blow bubbles at you or throw bright confetti!

Photo by x photographer

Source: yous a hottie biscotti

4. Avoid the Stuffy Group Pics 

Make sure to take some fun outtakes as well, make silly faces with your family and friends – now THOSE are the pictures that people will want to keep on their mantel!

5. Put Yourselves on Top of Your Cake

Well, we know the tradition of having cake on your face, but how about having yourselves on your cake? You can customize wedding cake toppers to look just like you!

Source: My Memory Dolls

6. Eat Food From a Truck

Everyone loves being hands on with their food and who said you can’t do that at a wedding? Instead of having fancy servers and hor d’oeuvres, why not go the cheap and trendy route and get some of your favorite food trucks. Your guests will be excited to see food trucks that they know and love.

food cart1

Source: Sitting in a Tree

7. Try Caricatures

Your guests will want pictures to remember the wedding, but why not try something different from a photobooth like caricatures instead? Your guests will love the personal touch. Just make sure to get a caricature artist who can draw on fun additions like a convertible or an outrageous outfit – and make sure this artist can work quickly, you’ll have a line up for sure!

8. Do Something Different (If You Still Want to Have a Photo Booth)

Use props that are meaningful and fun for you, perhaps a hockey helmet, or a favourite team jersey, or a couples costume that you have donned before!

9. Sign-in Guests in a Different Way

Most couples have their guests signing in a book or on a big picture but why not try something different? We’ve seen signing in on pebbles, puzzle pieces, and even guitars! Think about what you’ll want to keep and display!


Source: Bonsai Pauls Photography

10. Get Creative Before the Wedding

Put a personalized and fun spin on your wedding invites. Use an interesting theme, a funny picture or animated gif of yourselves, or add a link to a goofy video of you – the possibilities are endless! Set the tone for your wedding before it has even started!