Tips & Tricks from Wedding Industry Experts – Wedding Panel Recap

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Did you miss out on Vancouver Wedding Professionals Networking 2013? If so, it also means you missed our panel of wedding industry experts who shared some amazing tips on how to market to brides, connect with them, and increase bookings. Check out the recap and watch the video below!


Shawn Miller, Young Hip and Married Officiant

Patrick Lui, TT Lui Photography Photographer

Nathalie Escudero, Luscious Creations

Jennifer Dolnik, Top Table Group (West, Blue Water Café, CinCin, Araxi)

Best way to find brides online for free:

Jennifer –Free advertising from wedding sites.

Nathalie – Google ratings + Great photos on your website and Facebook

Shawn – Email lists, Facebook referrals, reaching out to previous clients.

How many directories (free and paid) do you belong to? How do they help?

Patrick – Only Weddingful. 80% of my bookings come through there.

Shawn – Lots!  Probably 20 free sites anywhere we can. Around 10 paid directories.

Natalie – Only Weddingful for paid listing and some free sites.

Do you use Google or Facebook ads, or other Display ads?

Shawn – Yes – AdRoll for retargeting people that have already been to our website.  It’s fantastic and helps a lot.

Biggest change you’ve noticed in the last 2 years in the wedding industry?

Jennifer – Brides want a simple solution – something more unique, higher quality, and more intimate.

Nathalie:  Internet is the only way.  As an established business – word of mouth or Internet. No real use in printed wedding programs or shows.

Shawn:  Referral business is important – Sends anniversary cards every year to every couple that they have married and ask for their referral business.

Recommendations for new businesses to get their name out there?

Patrick: Get experience with friends and family, then set up a website, and try Weddingful.

Jennifer:  Network, network, network.  Not just wedding specific – you can find connections everywhere. Call sales managers and group managers at restaurants and hotels with a presentation about where you are going and what you can do to help them. Venues always get asked for recommendations on the other wedding services.

Shawn:  Don’t chase dollars, Don’t devalue your services – focus on adding value to improve your offering.