Maurelle Calligraphy: Tips on how to Ace your Wedding Invitations

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Guest post by: Maurelle Calligraphy, Vancouver – Bespoke and Handwritten Wedding Invitations

What were the most popular wedding invitation designs from summer 2014?

  • Organic designs – very simple, yet full of life; they portray an intimate and very personal wedding event.
Vancouver Wedding Invitations
Maurelle Calligraphy
  • Watercolor designs – more relaxed and free flowing; perfect for fun couples that want to convey a fun and informal wedding.
Vancouver Wedding Invitations
Maurelle Calligraphy

What are the ‘must-have’ stationery components?

  • Main invitation with couples’ names, details of the wedding (date, time, and venue of ceremony and reception).
  • RSVP card to make it easier for the couple to keep track of who’s coming to the event.
  • Wedding envelope with proper  name and address (this should be handwritten).
  • Thank you card after your event to show gratitude to those who celebrate with you. Make sure to send it at within 6-8 weeks after your wedding day and write a personal note for each.
  • If you feel like splurging some more you can add a map and ways to get around for people from out-of-town.

What piece of invitation etiquette is falling by the way-side?

I have always loved handwriting and it is becoming a lost art in the digital era. It is very tempting to just print labels and paste it on the envelope but hand writing each envelope will give a personal touch to your invitations. The couple can either hire a professional calligrapher ahead of time or look for other alternatives (e.g. ask a friend with exceptional penmanship to do the work) if there are budget constraints.

Vancouver Wedding Invitations
Maurelle Calligraphy

Wedding Envelope addressing etiquettes:

  • Make sure all spelling and salutations are correct. There are a lot of resources in the internet to guide you on the proper way to address family, relatives, and friends.
  • For wedding invitations that will be mailed, correct ZIP code is very important.
  • Avoid abbreviations, especially if you will be having a formal event.

If you decided to hire a professional calligrapher to address your envelopes keep in mind the following:

  • Start early in gathering the correct names and addresses of your guests.
  • Wedding invitations should be sent 6-8 weeks before your wedding day so plan ahead and  give  ample time for the calligrapher to address your envelopes.
  • Provide your Calligrapher with an extra quantity of 15% to make room for mistakes.

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