A Style for All Shapes: 2013/14 Wedding Dress Trends & How to Wear Them

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The goal of any wedding dress, as we all know, is to make the bride as heart-stoppingly beautiful as possible while accentuating the natural lines of her figure. There are a million different styles and a wealth of current bridal gown trends, ranging from lacy, elegant, and classic, to chiffon and girly, to the wildest and most embellished couture dresses.

Selecting a wedding dress can be a daunting task, since there are so many varieties. Which fabric will suit me best? Which style will accentuate my curves? And which neckline will be the most flattering?
We’ve selected some of the most popular wedding dresses from the 2013/2014 Barcelona runways and analyzed each style according to body shape. Because, on a day that celebrates one of the most important milestones in a woman’s life, we want to ensure that you feel as stunning as you truly are.

The Hourglass
If you have a curvy figure with a defined waist, then the Mermaid/Trumpet style of wedding dress is the perfect choice for accentuating your feminine curves. The style hugs the bust and the hips, while highlighting a small waist, giving the bride a beautiful, lean yet curvaceous silhouette.
Jordi Dalmau (Barcelona, Spring/Summer 2013)

Dress by Jordi Dalmau
Wedding dress by Jordi Dalmau

The Pear Shape

The perfect wedding dress style for a body shape with wider hips and a smaller bust is the Ball Gown. Reminiscent of Belle’s yellow gown in Beauty and the Beast (the dress that all young girls dream of someday wearing), the ball gown hugs the bust and flares out at the waist, giving the bride a luxuriously classic look.
Hannibal Laguna (Barcelona, Spring/Summer 2014)

Dress by Hannibal Laguna
Wedding dress by Hannibal Laguna


The Reverse Pear Shape
Women with a larger bust benefit greatly from the fitted bodice and full skirt of the Princess style wedding dress. The style highlights the bust while balancing out the bride’s lower half, resulting in a sleek hourglass silhouette and giving the illusion of longer legs. A sweetheart neckline can showcase the bust while embellished details around the waist and hips help to draw the eyes away from the chest and highlight the rest of the bride’s curves.
Inmaculada Garcia (Barcelona, Spring/Summer 2013 )

Gown by Inmaculada Garcia
Wedding dress by Inmaculada Garcia

The Straight and Lean
Women with a boyishly lean figure can, to their advantage, wear most wedding dress styles and still look gorgeous. Their signature style, though, is the A-line, a style that hugs the bride’s shape from chest to mid-thigh, making the most of the silhouette’s long, straight lines. The style is feminine and classic, showing off the best qualities of a woman’s figure and giving her an aura of old Hollywood glamour.
Pronovias (Barcelona Spring/Summer 2014)

Wedding gown by Pronovias
Wedding dress by Pronovias

The Apple Shape
Women with very limited waist definition and a rounder middle look their best in Empire Waist style wedding gowns. The style hugs the bust and loosens at the waist, creating an ethereal effect reminiscent of Ancient Greek gowns. Empire waist wedding dresses are both feminine and beautiful, lengthening the figure while maintaining a curvy, proportionate silhouette.
Franc Sarabia (Barcelona, Spring/Summer 2013)

Wedding gown by Franc Sarabia
Wedding dress by Franc Sarabia

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Article written by Cheryl Cottrell-Smith
Photo credit: Imaxtree