Simple & Romantic Toronto Wedding

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Simple & Romantic Toronto Wedding

What better way to meet your significant other than at a party? Jackie and Steve first laid eyes on each other while they were attending Georgian College and were both partying the night away! It was a completely unexpected and casual encounter, but Jackie claims “I always knew we would get married”.

These two had a long courtship of over 8 years. In this time, they had randomly hashed out every detail of how the wedding would be, who would attend, and what important traditional customs they would keep and which they would choose to exclude. It was just a matter of the groom choosing a date to propose.

They chose Hidden Valley Resort as their wedding venue for many great reasons. The most important one was the location in Muskoka, where Steve grew up.  Muskoka is always beautiful, but looks even more amazing in the fall, which is when the wedding took place. Another key benefit of this magnificent venue are the accommodations.  Since Jackie and Steve had many out of town guests who all needed a place to stay, the resort was the perfect place to make their wedding a weekend to remember for all!

They both agree that the “magical” moment at their wedding was their first dance – “The way the venue was situated, we had all our friends and family sitting and standing around us, and Steve and I were our happiest at that moment because we could pause and take it all in.”

See this simple & romantic Muskoka (Toronto) wedding below:

Bride getting her Hair & Makeup done!

Groom getting ready with a bit of help from his groomsen!

A smile is the best accessory a bride can wear ;)

Lovely Bridal Shoes & Norway Point Church

Glowing Bride & Groom!

You may kiss the bride!

"I Do" moment

Happy Bride & Groom!


Beautiful Fall Background

Delicious Pie

Fall Decor!

Good-looking bridal partyCouple: Jackie & Steve in Toronto, Ontario

Wedding Details: October 18th, 2014 on Muskoka, Ontario

Wisdom from the bride: “If you have to plan your day with precise timelines, like I did, make sure all key players are on board (wedding party, parents, photographer, etc.). Make an itinerary/agenda outlining where everyone is to be at any time of the day, and with important phone numbers. I think this is how our day went so smoothly. One of my favourite complements from one of my bridesmaids is how efficient it was!”

The Wedding Vendors:

♥ Photography – Brendan Wield Photography
♥ Venue – Hidden Valley Resort
♥ Dress –  Taylors Bridal
♥ Flowers– Seasons in the Country
♥ Photobooth – Take My Photo
♥ Entertainment – Keep them dancing
♥ Hair & Makeup – Classy Cuts,  Muskoka Makeup Artistry

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