A Better Way to Shop: Engagement Rings

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Jonathan Goldberg of Kimberfire

Have you ever wondered how to shop for Engagement Rings and avoid retail mark-ups without sacrificing your experience?

Jonathan Goldberg of Kimberfire did when friends asked him for advice on where to buy. There were only two options: buying from a retail store and paying huge mark-ups, or purchasing online where the price is great but it’s hard to know exactly what you’re getting. Jonathan soon realized that Kimberfire could offer the best of both worlds: the experience of a high-end store plus competitive pricing without sacrificing on the quality.

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We’re curious – How does Kimberfire do it?

Kimberfire offers the highest-end diamonds and diamond jewellery at prices well below traditional retail stores, while still retaining a premium in-person experience. Instead of a traditional and expensive street-level retail store, we operate out of a comfortable office space. Our clients generally find us online or through referrals from friends, reducing the amount we need to spend on advertising and marketing. By keeping our costs low, manufacturing our own jewellery and sourcing our diamonds direct from the cutter we are able to ensure our clients receive the largest, brightest diamond possible within their budget.

Tell us your background in your professional or your personal life that makes you a “diamond jewellery expert”

I began my career in diamonds working for a large Canadian wholesaler. I spent my first year abroad, first learning the product by cutting diamonds in a factory in the middle-east and then working in the De Beers diamond pipeline in a business development capacity. Concurrently, I trained to be a certified diamond grader. In cutting diamonds, I gained a first-hand appreciation and understanding of the product and its potential – I was constantly challenged to envision the polished gem from the rough diamond. I am experienced in evaluating all types and grades of diamonds. Also, I have a real love for jewellery and am fortunate to work with a skilled team of designers and jewellers who have taught me a great deal.

What’s your take on whether to shop engagement rings together before the engagement, or for the engagement to be a complete surprise?

I never knock a surprise proposal! I think that’s a fantastic way of doing it. I know it can be a nerve-racking experience, but it’s a pleasure guiding my clients through it and I love being a part of it. That being said, we have many clients who come in together as a team. I really enjoy collaborating with couples to help create their dream rings. The benefit of the couple coming in together is that we can lean towards more unique on the design. I have found that the approach really depends on the couple and what works for them.

If a groom is to surprise the bride-to-be, what are some tips you would give to grooms-to-be for picking an engagement ring?

Lean towards classic and timeless. Go for something that she’ll still love years down the road. Also, be smart with how you allocate your budget. There are many variations of colour, clarity and size, and that’s where a diamond expert comes in to help guide you towards the right combination for your budget. Many of the higher graded diamonds are indistinguishable to the naked eye. The key is to maximize the size of the diamond without going below a colour or clarity that will negatively impact the visual appearance of the stone. We take a very consultative approach and we source the right diamond for that client, whether from options we have on-hand or elsewhere.

What are some ways to save money for engagement rings/wedding rings?

Again, it’s about finding the right balance for a diamond of the right size. It’s about avoiding paying for anything that will not add meaningful visual appeal to the diamond. An area we never sacrifice on is the cut. Physics comes into play with the way the light bounces off the stone, and you will find that you will always get your money’s worth with an expertly cut diamond. Also, don’t pay traditional retail mark-ups on such a large and important purchase. We’re able to remove some of the expenses that you can’t take home with you, like a nice retail space or additional employees, so that more of your funds are allocated toward the actual jewellery.

What are the popular choices in engagement rings right now?        

The most popular cuts that we have seen are round, cushion and princess cut centre stones. In terms of style, we have seen a range from beautiful solitaires, to halos, pave stones down the band and vintage-inspired intricate designs.

We’d like a guy’s point of view on a good way for a bride-to-be to successfully drop hints to a groom-to-be.

The best way is to just go to our website, and send him a link from there. That way when he’s ready, he knows exactly what to get and where to get it!

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So you don’t have to compromise; Kimberfire lets you shop for the highest-quality jewelry at prices well below traditional retail, including the premium in-person shopping experience.

A perfect match!

For more details, check out http://www.kimberfire.com