Secret to Launching Your Own Wedding Business from Top Wedding DJs & Musicians

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Secret to Launching Your Own Wedding Business from Top Wedding DJs & Musicians

Want to know the secrets to success in the Music & Entertainment industry? We spoke to some of the best Music & Entertainment business owners and they shared with us their motivations, strategies and tips on how you can achieve success in your business.

Why did you start your business?

“I used to work for other people, using my ideas. It wasn’t until my girlfriend convinced me to start my own business that I realized weddings are my THING! I realized that my ability to interact with strangers in a party setting was a gift. I learned early in my career that interaction is the key to success in the wedding business..”ACDJ Vancouver Wedding Entertainment

Do you set business goals? What strategies do you use for achieving them?

Yes, I do set them. Presently my business is a start up business and has been in operation for about 2 years. For growth and success having a good looking Website, continue to strive at being the best in the industry and having positive testimonials and reviews, top of the line equipment, proper advertizing and putting money back into the business is essential for growth. So my business goals is to put money back into the business through purchasing of new equipment, advertizing, and more online presence…as for a strategy, I ask for help when needed, I ask for advice and throw ideas off of two or three people before making any major decisions, but when the decision is made I just do it, I do not procrastinate.- GQ Production

How do you keep up with today’s trends?

There are a lot of ways to keep up with the trends, but for the most part I do it on-line, through social media, websites like, for me keeping up with trends involves music, sound and lighting trends. I have a number of contacts that send me new stuff in the industry. I also surf the net to see what’s out there, read a lot, visit trade shows when I can find the time.- GQ Production

What are your key marketing strategies?

Networking, advertizing on Weddingful, strong on-line presence, will be using google campaign ads soon, branding such as with T-shirts,  will also be adding my Logo and info to my vehicle.

Who are you favorite customers?

I love brides. I am a brides’ dj. I like customers who know what they are getting into with their wedding. The best customers are the ones who say they want to have a different wedding than any other they have been to before. That’s my speciality!- ACDJ Vancouver Wedding Entertainment

What advice would you give anyone wanting to enter the Music & Entertainment industry?

First off be prepared to put your life on hold for a while. Second, in the Music and entertainment industry, at least from a technician and DJ aspect, make sure you know your stuff, like anything else practice makes perfect, reputation is everything so remember to always be gracious and friendly. Thirdly, I suggest concentrating on infrastructure as opposed to investing in all kinds of equipment. Doesn’t make sense to have equipment and no gigs, I’d keep my overhead as low as possible until you have a substantial amount of gigs, reviews and money saved before making any large purchases. GQ Production

What is the most important factor that contributes to the success of your business?

Caring about clients is key. When they hire me, I dedicate my entire day to making their wedding day special. From the minute I wake up, I think about the day at hand. My main goals for each event are 1) to unite the room 2) make sure people are laughing 3) keep the day organized and move through the events of the day.ACDJ Vancouver Wedding Entertainment

What do you love about your job?

I love the fact that every event is exciting to me, my DJ aspect is all about letting loose and having a good time. I love to see people having a good time. Another aspect is the trouble shooting, I often have to come up with inventive ideas when setting up for events, this can be challenging but also rewarding. – GQ Production

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