Secrets to Success Revealed by Hair & Makeup Business Owners

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Secrets to Success revealed by hair & makeup business owners

Want to know the secrets to success in the hair and makeup industry? We spoke to some of the best hair stylists and makeup artists who run their own businesses. They shared with us their motivations, strategies and tips on how you can achieve success in your business.


Why did you start your business?

“As a graduate from Simon Fraser University Business program, I always wanted to start my own business. I always believed that career is driven by passion. I found myself in love with doing hair & makeup, for which it does not feel like I am working, rather I enjoy making people pretty on their big day. That’s why I decided to expand my skill to an extent that I can make a living on that.” – Coa & Mia Wedding

Secrets to Success

What is the most important factor that contributes to the success of your business? 

“That’s a hard question because it’s not just one factor- to pick only one right now I’d have to say determination. However, it’s important to work together within the industry; there’s enough work for everyone. I recommend my competition out all the time and they do the same for me.” – Alexandra @ Mobile Makeovers

Secrets to Success


Do you set business goals? What strategies do you use for achieving them?

“I do set goals. I always make plans for how much sales I need to make for the year, for example. Marketing is very important besides the real skills you have. So I spend a portion of my income on advertising my business as well as communicating with my clients.” – Coa & Mia Wedding

Secrets to Success


Do you Network Regularly?

“I never stop. I am always networking and I always have business cards with me. I am a shameless self promoter. But it’s easier when you love what you do.” – Kristen Foote Make-up & Hair Artist

Secrets to Success


How do you improve your business or your craft?

“We always attend makeup sessions from different schools or teachers every year. This is more like a set goal for our artists. For example, this year we are going to Hong Kong for a class for 7 days to expand our skills on Asian makeup and hair” – Coa & Mia Wedding

 Secrets to Success


What are your key marketing strategies? 

“I have to say that Weddingful is my key marketing strategy. I book about 75% of my weddings because of them. Other bookings are from word of mouth or networking.” – Kristen Foote Make-up & Hair Artist

Secrets to success


What advice would you give anyone wanting to enter Hair & Makeup industry? 

Experience is the best teacher. Just get out there and take a chance it might take a little while, but you’ll get better and better in no time. Also invest in the best products and tools. It makes all the difference.” – Alexandra @ Mobile Makeovers

Secrets of Success


What do you love about your job?

“I love making people feel good about the way they look, traveling to different locations and meeting all kinds of fascinating people with various occupations” – Alexandra @ Mobile Makeovers

Secrets to Success If you could start your business all over again, what would you do differently?

“Well since this is my second business I think that I took what I learned from the first and had a bit of an easier go with this one. But keeping your overhead low is key. The less money you need to get your business started the better” – Kristen Foote Make-up & Hair Artist

Secrets to Success

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  1. It’s so inspiring to read articles like this…I’m very much inspired now to put my hairdressing business early next year…I’m one of the busiest hairstylist in darwin,Australia but got no guts to risk because I’m very comfortable on my workplace…now reading this one makes me feel I’m here to make a difference….thank you so much

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