Weddingful Founder Angel’s Rustic Modern Kauai Hawaii Wedding

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Weddingful CEO & Founder Angel’s Rustic Modern Kauai Hawaii Wedding

Weddingful Founder & CEO Angel Pui knows first-hand the amount of work that goes into planning a wedding—as well as the surprises that can pop up along the way. To help Angel and her husband Darren celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary (May 21st), here’s a recap of their wedding journey.


Wedding Venue Search
After an exhaustive search for an outdoor venue that could accommodate several hundred local guests with an open-air reception area, Angel and Darren finally settled on a nature sanctuary on Gambier Island outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. But the same week they’d planned to take the ferry to finalize their wedding plans, a thunderstorm struck the venue and burnt it to the ground. They took that as a sign that their original plan wasn’t meant to be and began looking for alternatives. “We were shocked and couldn’t possible start the search again from scratch. How ironic that the whole mission about Weddingful is to never have couples start from scratch again!”

“What if there was a beautiful vacation spot where we could have our simple ceremony and reception?” Angel wondered. “It would be so much easier.” They found the perfect beach house that would serve as their wedding venue in Kauai, Hawaii and ultimately planned a smaller destination wedding with about 40 guests. Shipping supplies directly to the venue and letting go of unimportant details like seating charts, wedding cakes and wedding music (anything that they couldn’t control or see from oversea) made the destination wedding planning process run more smoothly.

It’s All About the Vision
Like running a business, wedding starts from a strong vision. Angel and Darren got the best piece of advice from a friend “They said to pick 3 things that really mattered to us both. The rest can become overwhelming but it will fall into place.” Angel chose her wedding dress, the decorations and her photographer to be her top 3 aspects while Darren chose Venue, food and involving friends to be his.

Photos on Weddingful (local vendors), Pinterest (Flowers and Hair Do’s) and magazine clippings helped Angel hone in the modern rustic aesthetic she used for her wedding, complete with wooden accents, bamboo chairs and an outdoor canopy strung with glass orbs and lights.

“Setting up an inspiration board with clear visuals that resonated with me were very useful in setting up the vision. Not only do you get to play around and piece together how the wedding would look, but it’s a way to communicate with other people or vendors what you are visualizing in your mind.”

Wedding DIY Projects
The couple were very hands-on and wanted to incorporate that element into their wedding too. They completed many DIY projects and customized all aspects of their wedding. Darren hand-made his wooden bow-ties, while Angel printed and put together the invitation and ceremony cards. Her bridesmaids and family helped with mason jars, candles, the linen pouches hung on each chair, the glass orbs and all of the flowers bouquets. Her father-in-law and groomsmen climbed the trees and hung all the lights.

Mixing Business With Pleasure
Despite having a destination wedding, Angel is loyal to Weddingful and used her own product to find several vendors, including her photographer (James Looker Photography) and sign-maker (BAM Fabrications). As a former wedding dress designer, Angel also chose Joanna Delaney Design & Dressmaking to co-create a custom wedding dress, an airy, asymmetrical design reminiscent of a Greek goddess, while the Groomsmen wore grey custom suits made by Indochino.

“Planning my own wedding using Weddingful was eye-opening, it was hugely beneficial in terms of improving our website. I saw things from a perspective I didn’t notice, like all photographers end up looking the same after a while. I felt the need to see 5-6 photos together to get a good sense of style – we ended up creating a preview with 6 photos after that!”

Challenges Planning the Wedding
Similar to a business again, people are at the heart of a wedding. One of the most challenging parts of Angel’s wedding planning process was managing different personalities and expectations. “I had four bridesmaids and two mothers and a house full of people the few days before the wedding. Everyone was excited but they were all quite different, without really know each other before,” she says. “There’s a lot of emotion in a passionate group of families and friends, and people deal with responsibilities and an emotional day very differently.” By giving each person a task that played to his/her strengths, Angel tried to maintain a level of diplomacy and clear communications amongst the group.







Take-away or Advice?
Angel’s biggest advice for brides-to-be? “Go on your honeymoon right after your wedding, it just makes it all complete and you get that time to celebrate!” Angel says. She and Darren tied the knot on a Wednesday and returned to work the following Monday before honeymooning in Japan and Thailand several months later. She suggests that newlyweds take time to travel alone immediately after the wedding to celebrate their new lives together.

Couple:  Angel and Darren in Kauai, Hawaii  on May 21, 2014

Featuring Weddingful Vendors:

♥ Photography – James Looker Photography
♥ Signs – BAM Fabrications
♥ Wedding Dress –Joanna Delaney Dressmaking
♥ Suits – Indochino

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