Pros & Cons Of Wedding Band Tattoos

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Every year there are new wedding trends, colors, topics, and famous weddings that everyone seems to focus on. I feel like this year started with a really interesting idea and that is wedding band tattoos. Wedding band tattoos are a replacement opt...

Every year there are new wedding trends, colors, topics, and famous weddings that everyone seems to focus on. I feel like this year started with a really interesting idea and that is wedding band tattoos. Wedding band tattoos are a replacement option for a traditional ring. There are a few pros and cons to this idea and I felt like I should share them with you.

I have done a little bit of research and some of the photos and stories I have found are amazing! It is not my cup of tea but I totally can see how it could be a great option for a creative and unique bride.

Some of the pros are:

Can’t lose it! – A great pro of having a ring tattoo is that you cannot misplace it. This option is ideal for your clumsy husband who tends to misplace his ring every time he goes into the “man cave”(the garage).

Great for certain occupations – One of the pros I really love when it comes to this option is that it is a great solution for men and/or woman with careers in an environment where they cannot work with a traditional wedding band on their fingers. Careers like doctors, mechanics, athletes, masseuses, etc. They don’t have to worry about taking their ring off 15 times during the day and misplacing it or losing it by accident.

High Commitment – Marriage in itself is already a very big commitment, having a tattoo as your wedding ring adds to that obligation. It says you will always be with that person, permanently. This could be a great thing for some people especially couples that feel like this idea is a great way to show commitment to your partner. 

Money, money, money! – My favorite pro and probably yours as well, is the price. It is a lot cheaper to have a wedding band tattoo then an actual traditional ring.


Some of the cons:

Can rub off and/or smudge – The issue with ring tattoos is that they are in a very challenging spot. By being on your fingers there are high chances that they will smudge after a certain amount of time from the precipitation of your hands and the handling of day to day objects. Tattoo artists are not that thrilled about this new trend because they know the consequences of getting a finger tattoo, but with some help from a great tattoo artist you will find out about keeping the tattoos as clean looking as possible for a long period of time.

Hard to remove – One of the biggest problems with this idea is that it is hard to remove. People can, of course, drift apart. It is fine for the people who are still in touch with their partners but it would be a problem for couples that have a lot of bad memories with each other. There are three ways to remove them but two of them are painful and the third one takes a while to do and may leave scaring. 

The three ways are: 

  • The excision, where they remove parts of the skin containing the tattoo.
  • Dermabrasion is a procedure where they sand of the tattoo and the layers of the dermis containing the pigment.
  • And last but not least, the laser removal. This method is favored by many. It is a technique that takes a few sessions but has the least painful procedure. It involves the use of a laser to separate the pigment in the tattoo inks from the cells of the skin’s epidermis and dermis layers. Laser pulses break up the inks, allowing the body’s scavenger cells to eliminate the pigment and eliminate it through waste excretion.


This idea is something that can be a great, but daring option. If you believe that your relationship is strong enough and you want something special, unique and one of a kind to symbolize that bond then these kind of wedding bands are a great choice for you and your partner.

 Hope the blog helped you with your decision and opinion on tattoo wedding bands.

Enjoy and congrats!

Katarina I. 


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