Profile Best Practices

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They key to attracting couples to your business is to have a focussed and beautiful Weddingful Profile.

Quality Photos

It is important to have a profile picture and cover picture to create the right first impression.

A profile without a profile and cover photo
does not attract anyone

Be sure to upload a profile picture and cover picture that represent your brand (for detailed information on adding cover and profile photos please click here).  Often vendors will use their logo for the profile picture.  Once a couple has arrived on your Weddingful profile there should be additional photos and information for them to begin to explore your services.

We recommend adding a considerable number of images in your photo gallery.  The bare minimum should be six.  We have found that vendors with a high number of photos tend to get more inquiries than others.  Photos are the number one way to communicate your offerings to couples. Showcase your best.  The more photos you post, the more excited couples become about your services!

Overall, when in doubt, a bigger photo is better. Recommended specs for the different pictures:

Profile Photo: Choose photos that are at least 300 x 300px.
Cover Photo: Choose photos that are at least 1280 x 450px.
Photo Gallery: Choose photos that are at least 630 x 400px.
Services Photos: Choose photos that are at least 520 x 400px.

Photo Gallery Example

Service Packages

Our Services section allows you to describe specific packages that are available to couples.

Simply click “Add another” under Services, and then you will be able to click to upload a photo, as well as add a name, price, and description of your service. Add more detail by including a PDF.

We find that brides prefer to-the-point descriptions without too much text to read.

The following is an example of a great Service listing. It includes a beautiful picture, a starting price, and details on what is included.

Services Example

Some packages don’t require as much explanation:

Services Example 2

Business Information

A clear and concise description of your business is an important element of a winning profile. Keep it short and sweet if you want couples to read the whole thing.

Let couples know what you are offering, and explain how you can make their dream wedding become a reality!