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pink & Silver diy Vancouver wedding

The story of how Steffanie and Rod got together is an interesting one.  They met in the first semester of university, and it was attraction at first sight.  One day, Steffanie decided to wink at Rod to get his attention and did the same thing everyday, and Rod was intrigued. They dated for about a year, went through some growing pains and broke up. However, 3 years later, they walked past each other at the movie theatre parking lot, Rod messaged Steffanie that night, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.  

In the summer of 2010, Rod went away for a “business conference trip in Utah”. But what he actually did was to look for an engagement ring for Steffanie with his sister in California!  A few days later, he planned his surprised engagement in White Rock, Vancouver.  He and Steffanie were having a picnic dinner, and he placed the ring under a shell which was under his shoe.  He asked Steffanie to hand him his shoe, which she did. But then she didn’t see the shell or the ring!  Rod had to ask her to give him the shell, which Steffanie thought was weird, but did it anyway, and finally saw the ring!  Of course she said yes, and they got married almost 3 years later.

See fabulous pictures of their Pink + Silver Vintage DIY wedding below:

Vancouver DIY Wedding
Bride & Groom with Magical Background
Vancouver DIY Wedding
Beautiful White Rose Bouquet
Vancouver DIY Wedding
Leafy DIY Guestbook!
Vancouver DIY Wedding
Bride, groom and their son the ring bearer
Vancouver DIY Wedding
White and Pink Hydrangeas on Centerpieces
Vancouver DIY Wedding
Bridal Party Opening their Gifts!
Vancouver DIY Wedding
Toms, perfect shoe to dance the night away!
Vancouver DIY Wedding
Mr & Mrs

Couple: Steffanie and Rod

Wedding Date: May 18th, 2014

Some words of wisdom from the bride:

  • Always go with your GUT! If you get a weird vibe from a vendor, go with someone else! It’s not worth the hassle and stress to save a few hundred bucks here and there.
  • Get a Wedding Coordinator for the day of. The ladies we got were very helpful and the price was excellent.
  • If you can afford it, hire a decorator! We rented our decorations, but didn’t pay the extra for the help for setup. DO IT! It will save a lot of stress on the day of.
  • Always accept help wherever you can! If people offer, take them up on it.
  • The most important thing on the day of for us was to steal away a few minutes with just you and your new husband. Take everything in. The day goes by so fast and you wonder why you were so stressed about all the planning and little details. My husband and I went outside on the dock for about 10 minutes and danced under the sunset, talked and tried to just be in the moment. If you can steal away those few minutes, I promise those will be the ones you remember.

The Wedding Vendors:

♥ Venue- Centenial Lodge & Rose Garden
♥ Wedding Planning – An Awfully Big Adventure
♥ Decor- Katsura Designs
♥ Officiant- Hey Rev 
♥ Catering – Austin Gourmet 
♥ Entertainment- GQ Productions
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