Michael & Nadia: An Engagement Story from Weddingful Members

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I wasn???t aware of all that was going on, but this is the story I have been told afterwards??? We had previously gone to pick out the ring, probably in September of 2011. I found a NESW brilliant cut VVS2 that I loved??? and what I loved even mor...


I wasn’t aware of all that was going on, but this is the story I have been told afterwards…

We had previously gone to pick out the ring, probably in September of 2011.  I found a NESW brilliant cut VVS2 that I loved… and what I loved even more was the mini diamonds between the band and diamond. It makes it look like a crown… which is even more princessy!

So I knew a proposal was coming I just didn’t know when or how.  I hinted that I wanted it to happen the weekend of McMaster Homecoming since we both just graduated from Mac and are now young alumni.

It was about a week before homecoming began and this is when the planning started for Michael. He had went to ask my mom for permission, which was granted, he also asked her how my dad proposed to her.  My dad and mom were in the basement of his house at the time going through his records. In between this he asked her to marry him. He didn’t have a ring for her at the moment, so they went out and picked one. 

My mom gave Michael some records to possibly use for a proposal, but Michael wasn’t sure yet how he was going to do it.

The next day he had an idea to propose at the Arkells concert but wasn’t quite sure how that would work out. He had Max on Facebook still from meeting him at an earlier time so he messaged him about our story and how awesome it would be for me. He told him my favourite song was Abigail and it would be really sweet if he could do it during that song. He wasn’t expecting any message back, but thought it was worth a shot because it would be epic!

It was Wednesday morning and Michael still had not heard back from Max… so if he was going to be proposing sometime on or before the weekend, he was going to have to figure this out asap! So since he knew that my dad’s favourite band was Burton Cummings, he decided to look and see if he was playing anywhere close. My dad passed away when I was 9, so Michael wanted to have my dad remembered and a part of this special moment. He found out the Burton Cummings was playing at Masy Hall in Toronto on Thursday night! So he immediately bought tickets.

The next day he called my boss to ask her if he could pick me up from work early. He also got one of my friends to pick out an outfit for me to change into when he picked me up from work. He picked me up at around 3 and handed me clothes to change into. We then left and were headed on the 403 East… I wasn’t sure where we were going but I had a feeling it was Toronto… and I also had a feeling this was going to be the night!

We drove to Toronto and Michael had made reservations at Enotecca Sociale; a delicious wine bar. For dinner we started with the arancini con stracciatella – risotto fried with carmelized onions and arugula and we paired that with a nice white wine to taste. For our second course we shared a 42oz bone-in pan seared ribeye (patate aglio e olio, porcini mushroom & mustard succo) and gnocci in a mushroom cream sauce, paired with two

different red wines that the server suggested.  They were so delicious!! We chose to do a cheese platter instead of sweets for dessert. We picked three different cheeses: a soft, hard and medium… each came paired carefully selected house made accompaniments & candied pecans. Yum! We paid for our dinner with a gift card that Michael got from his Colourblind Production Company for the play – NINE11… which was so amazing!

After dinner we went to Nathan Phillips Square and Michael told me that he had three stories for me throughout the night. The first story was about how his dad asked his mom to marry her. He picked her up from work and took her to Nathan Phillips Square and gave her a box of chocolate with one missing. In its place was a ring… and he dropped down to one knee and asked her to marry him. While he was telling me this story he pulled out a ring box and opened it. There was no ring, but there was a ticket in its place. The ticket was for a Burton Cummings concert happening that night! So we ran over to the concert venue and he told me the second story… which was how my dad asked my mom to marry him.

The concert was insane! He played a 2½ hour set with a half hour encore! In the middle of  the concert… without me even noticing, Michael received a message back from Max saying that he was so down for letting him do the proposal at the concert! I can only imagine what was going through Michaels mind right then… he was probably freaking out… complete change of plans… wow. So Max had said that he would give him a call the next day to figure out the details. Michael then responded back asking if he could call him tonight… so within five minutes a blocked number was calling him.  Michael told me he had to take the call, so he ran out to take it. They figured out the details and the major one Max wanted to know was if Michael was sure I would say yes… Michael assured him that I would.  Max was going to give us VIP tickets and our friends some guest passes and they were going to add “Abigail” to their set list for us… it was official, Michael had to change the plans!  So at the end of the concert Michael was going to ask me to marry him as the third story, but instead he told me that he has a third story to tell me but I wouldn’t hear about it until that weekend. Hmmm… I was a little sad… but I knew it would happen soon.

On the Friday, we arrived at the concert and Michael told me that we got VIP passes for the night. This made sense to me because one of our good friends works for Campus Events, so he would have been able to get us VIP passes, and that’s the story Michael told me on how we got out tickets. We got to hang out with the Arkells before the concert, which was so awesome… they all graduated from McMaster University a few years ago, so it was cool to see Mac alumni coming back to play. The tour manager sneakily told Michael to come find him sometime before the concert to go over details. Michael snuck out to “go to the bathroom” to go over the details. They figured out that Abigail was playing after “Kiss Cam” so when that song came on he was to bring me over to side stage to make it easy to get me on stage. “Kiss Cam” came on as Michael would say “way earlier than he thought and was hoping to go through what he was going to say one more time and grab some water” but he didn’t get to… it was happening! We got to side stage and Max called Michael up on stage… plus me… I was like … ummm ok is this for real? There are 2000 people here… oh man… I’m shaking! Ahh!! You can watch the proposal here…