“Trish & James, On Top of The World” – A Weddingful Groom Tells His Proposal Tale

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Our tale spans the globe, starting out two years ago, finding each other in Japan.

She was teaching English and I was working for the U.S. Air Force, but she needed to return home to Canada, and thus started a year-long intercontinental long-distance relationship.

Halfway through, between all the 3am phone calls, mailed packages, and Skype dates, I set off for a visit during the holidays, and made my way to her with an engagement ring in hand. Our plan was to enjoy a romantic New Year’s Eve at Niagara Falls, but she didn’t know exactly the level of cheesy romance I had in store.

 As most guys can attest to, it’s a challenging art, but a key necessity to make surprise arrangements right under their loved ones’ nose, and I made sure that we would be taking a ride on the landmark Skywheel that towers over the falls, just before midnight. After paying for our entrance, we headed to the line-up, but I excused myself to talk to the attendant again, letting Trish know that I just wanted to ensure that we got our own carriage, for reasons of simple romantic privacy.

What she didn’t know was I went over to the attendant girl to ensure that the ride would stop when we got to the very top of the wheel, so that I could propose. Of course, the girl began to giggle and smile and as she reassured me that all would be well, and after I returned to Trish, I was surprised to see her jokingly question with what she perceived as a “flirtatious” moment with the attendant!

With an elevated level of nervousness, I bit my lip and continued with my plan, hoping not to give anything away, and eventually we were seated on the ride. An informative-but-unromantic voice recording describing the falls was playing from a speaker in the carriage, but quick thinking found a mute button remedying that detail, and we made our way to the top of the wheel.

Forming my words, I started out by saying, “We’re at the top of this giant ring,” as the ride came to a stop. Then I asked, “Would you take this little ring from me?” as I got down on my knee and changed our lives forever. She said “yes” and in a blur of ecstasy, the ride came to an end we found ourselves walking away from the ferris wheel, but that firecracker personality in her had to jokingly poke fun that I was “flirting” with the ride attendant on the day of our engagement, and so the story stuck!

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