“Bill & Crystal Lost and Found in Love!” An Engagement Story from Weddingful Members

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Bill & Crystal - Engagement story


We first met through a few co workers of mine when I was 18. They were his room-mates.


  I liked his personality and sense of humour right away. He was hyper like me. We hung out almost every day and his brother used to walk me home at night to make sure I got there safely. We saw each other for awhile, but was nothing serious. 

One day he suddenly moved away, we lost touch for a few years but I managed to track him down, desperate to tell him how I felt. When I found him, we chatted online and on the phone for years as we both carried on through life and the feelings grew stronger.

I always had him on my mind.

I knew deep down I was crazy for thinking it could ever work. I lived in B.C and He Lived in the Yukon. We both had great jobs and I was just about to pay off my car!!!

How could that work? Maybe with a bit of planning. He came to visit and stayed for a week.  It was far too short!

A year of online chatting came and went, then it was September and a band we both loved was coming!  Lucky for me I had a friend who is super good friends with Zakk Wylde from the band and I got free tix to go! I found out his dad was also going and he was coming too!


I got to my hotel and waited impatiently to hear from him!  It seemed like forever!

But he showed up at my door!  We had an awesome time at the concert, so awesome that within 1 month after I had quit my job and was packing up everything I had to move
to the Yukon(never even been there)!

I even payed off my car by selling it to my dentists kid and getting cheaper dental work…I worked so hard to make this dream come true. I moved oct 2011. In November we were at a hotel while he was working out of town.
We were laying down talking about this new life and how much we love each other and out of nowhere he pops the question! I laughed at him! Thought he was just being sappy and he said “No Im serious, will you marry me!?”


That’s when the tears flowed. Now our wedding is 4 months away back in BC and I can’t wait to be saying “I DO!”.

Crystal & Bill Burdes

Bill & Crystal - Engagement story
Bill & Crystal – Engagement story

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  1. Even a Mother can cry.I never heard the full events that brought my Daughter to this change of direction in her life. I welcome having a new Son. Bill you have your hands full with this one. You never know where you will meet your Best Friend.

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