Your Own Original Wedding Song

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your own original wedding song

Guest post by: Derek Demierre, Toronto – Lyricist & Composer of Wedding Entertainment

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Finding the right song for walking down the aisle or for your first dance can be overwhelming. To find a song that portrays your love story can be challenging!  There is nothing more personal and unique than having your own wedding song.

Most of us don’t have the skills to put our deepest feelings into words. But luckily, you can hire a professional song writer, like Derek Demierre, to compose an original song for you!

Derek Demierre has an impressive background in music. He was a professor of music at Concordia University, then moved to Toronto to become a Music Director at Royal St. George’s College. Now he is based in Calgary, primarily teaching voice and piano privately, as well as conducting and doing a lot of composing for theatre and TV.

Working with Derek to write an original song:

1. Derek sends a questionnaire to the couple (or a friend or parent if the song is a gift to the couple). The questionnaire asks for as many details about the couple and their love story as possible.  The person who answers this questionnaire is completely responsible for the appropriateness of the anecdotes!

2. Derek asks for explicit details about the type of music to compose, preferably with links to YouTube songs that the customer wants to emulate. He studies the  link and sketches out the perfect music (violins, heavy rock, sing-a-long chorus, etc.).

3. Derek sends the draft version to the customer for approval or suggestions. He continues based on this feedback, and reworks the material. The second version is then sent to the customer, and again more feedback is requested. The final song is professionally produced in his studio after the second feedback – hiring professional singers if requested.

Besides composing original songs, Derek also provides the service of music advisor, for those who would like some guidance in picking more unique songs for their first dance, walk down the aisle, or for the party.

Visit Derek’s website to learn more about him and to listen to some of the songs that he has composed:

Please note that this audio file is only a demo. The copy that couples used was sang by the University Of Calgary Music Theatre Grads!



Katey-Jayne, I’ll love you forever
Deep in my heart, what I see is what I need forever
You’re the one I will give my heart forever.

Katey-Jayne I need you forever,
I need you forever.
When we choose that little star, it is ours forever.
I give you my promise I’ll love you forever

I’ll love you with faithfulness and dignity.
My sweetheart, my best friend forever.
You’re the world to me, everything I see
Katey-Jayne, Katey-Jayne

You are my heart
You are my heart
Always, always.

Katey-Jayne, Katey-Jane
Be with me forever
I love you.

Lyrics by WB for his fiancee, K-J
Music by Derek Demierre

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