The Online Wedding Planning Process for Brides

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The wedding planning process for wedding couples usually takes between 9 and 14 months. They have 20 categories to plan and many decisions to make. It’s an overwhelming process that most of them have never done before and takes a ton of research. Brides are going online to do all their wedding planning.

Here’s how they do it:

  1. Google – They search on Google in a particular category.
  2. They open all the websites and then review the style of the business.
  3. They look for more details – prices, packages, personality of the business owner.
  4. They add their favourite 5 or 6 businesses to a spreadsheet.
  5. They add information to the spreadsheet including prices, package information, and other notes so that they can compare each business.
  6. They call 3 or 4 businesses to find more information and get a feeling for how much they can trust you with their wedding.
  7. They meet with 1 or 2 businesses who have provided the information they requested and see if they have a connection with the vendor.
  8. They choose one vendor and book.
  9. They move to the next category.

The more information you provide that they can use in their comparison process – the more likely and the sooner they will contact your business, and hopefully pick you as their perfect vendor.