Make a better connection right from the start!

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We all know how hard it is for couples to find their perfect vendors; the right date, the right chemistry, the same vision… a perfect match!
But do you realize it’s hard for a vendor to find the right couple and wedding for them too?

They want to work with someone who complements their work style, some like to take ownership of the whole wedding, others work entirely on a bride’s vision. Some prefer rustic, others love glam. Whatever your style is, here are a few tips to help you connect better with the right vendor for you:


You are browsing a lot of profiles, visiting websites and viewing tons of portfolios. A good way to remember what you like from each vendor is letting them know! Browsing through messages you’ve sent will help you remember why you got in touch with them in the first place. Using an easy template such as “Hi, I like your work, are you available on August 2nd?” may be easy to copy-paste but you’ll spend time going back to the vendor’s profile later to remember why you messaged them. But a personal message like “Hi! I’m Christine, and I loved your wedding cakes, especially the hand painted ones you have on your gallery…” can save you time and it lets them know that you didn’t just email all the vendors on the list, you saw something special in them!



More information is always better than less. If your budget is $800 for a cake, don’t tell them it’s $500 to get a better deal. It’s a good idea to let vendors know your wedding budget. That way they can get a better picture of where your focus is on. If you have a $20 000 budget and give them a $4000 budget for photos, they know you are giving it a big chunk of your total budget and they’ll probably work out the best package to suit your needs.


Browsing at lists isn’t for everyone. Some brides may like to check out a list of videographers but not a list of limos. Others may want to see all the photos of cake vendors but not really for DJs. You can use our Weddingful Requests to put your needs out there for those lists where you just want to be connected to someone good and available for your date without spending time doing all the research. Providing a lot of information about your vision and being very opened with your real budgets always gets better quotes than general requests. Get 3 tips to send the most sought after requests here.

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Just like you, vendors are eager to hear back from potential clients. Make sure you get your date saved with your favourite vendors by keeping communication going smoothly. Vendors will appreciate your quicker response when they are picking between your wedding and the next bride’s.