How to Select Your Photographer

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Guest post by: Emanuel Pires — Enchanting Foto

As a photographer, picking up the camera and photographing a wedding was something that was always scary to me. Making sure you have backups to your backups, having contingency plans for rain, remembering everyone’s name, etc. Apart from all that however, what really scared me was the notion of photographing the wedding and capturing those precious moments. To make sure that I snapped images that would be treasured not just by the bride and groom but something that would live on for generations.

My first wedding was just photographing for a friend who was doing a small wedding. I’ll never forget the look on her face when she found that one image I took that encapsulated the love she had for her new husband and the hope for their life together. That made me realize how much I wanted to get into wedding photography.

A few years later, I am happy that my photography business is growing and that I have been able to be a part of the lives of a few fantastic couples. So why am I saying all this? Well first, I wanted to give some background about how I got here. Now, I am looking for a wedding photographer just like you yourself are.

I met the love of my life and after a year proposed to her at the AGO. I had it all mapped out but I wanted to have a photographer to capture the moment when I did and then walk around with us to take some pictures. I looked online, checked references and asked friends for referrals. In the end I went with my gut and asked a friend of mine to take photos and with the two of us created one awesome image.

This image is one that we now both cherish and reminds us of one of the happiest days of our lives.


Engaged and with the love of my life beside me, I’m going through the same trials and tribulations of setting up a wedding and selecting vendors as you do. My experience above however has taught me a few things that might help you in selecting a photographer.

    • What style would you like for your photography? Are you looking for something editorial, documentary or photo journalistic?


    • With your style in mind, find the portfolio of a few photographers who share a similar vision.


    • Portfolios are important but you need to get a sense for the person you are hiring as well. It should be someone that you are comfortable talking to and can help shape your vision for the photographs you want. Remember, this person(s) will be with you all throughout your wedding day.


    • What’s your budget? I put this last because as much as we want to hire the $25,000 photographer, we all have budgets we are adhering to. It is important to try to blend expectations with cost. See if you can find someone whose portfolio and one on one skills is in sync with yours and try to negotiate if you can. Maybe you don’t need as many hours, prints, etc if you meet a photographer you love but is a little over your budget. I’ve had clients come back to me after their wedding and regret their choice.


I hope these tips help you in your search for a photographer. Writing this blog post was as much a reminder to myself when looking as it was in helping you find someone to capture your special day perfectly.



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