How to Organize Your Wedding Planning

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Solid planning needs clear and efficient tools. Keeping track of a long list of Things to Do is difficult! It’s easy to get carried away and lose sight of what you are striving for. Read our tips below on how to organize your wedding planning.


Save time and avoid creating checklists from scratch. Free wedding planning checklists are a great way to start! Most downloadable checklists are already filled out and customizable. Find our list of our checklists here 

2) Save everything and have backups

It’s very important to have a place where you can comfortably save everything about your wedding and routinely keep track of your progress. Make duplicates of important documents such as vendor contracts and proof of payments to ensure that nothing is lost.

3) Set up your calendarWhile excel sheets and Google Docs are easy to start off with, they are not capable of reminding you of what’s next. It can take a lot of self-initiative to keep coming back to your list of wedding plans and update them as you learn more. One great way to stay on track is to set-up reminders on your calendar that also sends push notifications to your phone or computer. 


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