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As the wedding industry continues to change and brides move their wedding planning online, wedding vendors are adapting to the changes and moving their marketing efforts online. With 80% of couples planning online, wedding businesses need to learn how to build better wedding business profiles that tell their stories and create credibility for their services.

First, you need to get found online! And in more place than one – so be present.

[fontawesome icon=”heart” variation=”purple” size=”1x”]Google 

Getting found online isn’t easy, nor is it easy to appear on page 1 of Google. Getting found requires lots of relevant content that Google knows your customer will just love. Ensure you know what keywords your customer is searching and incorporate those on your website. Are brides searching tips, tricks and wedding planning tips? Use these to leverage and repurpose on your blog. Also important, this will help to position you as an expert on relevant topics that apply to your specific niche industry. Lastly, set up your Google Places for Business account. Fill out your profile 100% in order to properly optimize it and get better ranked in local search and on mobile devices. Remember, brides are searching from their mobile phones too!

[fontawesome icon=”heart” variation=”purple” size=”1x”]Online Wedding Communities

Brides are getting smarter and smarter about their wedding planning process – which means they’ve taken to social wedding communities and directories to do ALL their planning in one place. Not only can they verify your reputation there, they can see what other brides have booked you, what other brides THINK of you, and simply that you are a reputable local business they can trust with their dream wedding plans.

[fontawesome icon=”heart” variation=”purple” size=”1x”]Social Media 

A lot of people might tell you that you need to have a presence on every social media channel; not true. Find out where brides are hanging out online – and be there. Be part of the conversation and create engagement around your own content and offerings. Commit to a couple channels where you’ve seen success or where other wedding vendors you know have recommended. Think Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. LinkedIn is certainly great for connecting with other wedding business professionals. Check out the Vancouver Wedding Professionals Networking or Toronto Wedding Professionals Networking Groups.

Now that you’ve been found, ensure you are providing enough INFORMATION everywhere that you exist.

Don’t make brides search high and low for it!  Brides will always seek more information – make sure that all of your online profiles – whether paid, free or social all have your contact information, great photos, and even reviews.

[fontawesome icon=”heart” variation=”purple” size=”1x”]Website 

– Provide detailed information – portfolio, pricing, packages, testimonials

– Make it very easy to contact you. Everyone likes to communicate differently so provide options.

– Don’t make it difficult for your customer to find information – make it easily accessible through the main navigation of your website.

– Add links to your other online profiles.

[fontawesome icon=”heart” variation=”purple” size=”1x”]Online Wedding Communities 

– Provide detailed information – portfolio, pricing, packages, testimonials

– Ensure you have beautiful photos to showcase your best work

– Get past customers to leave reviews – inspire them through a simple gift card or other incentive

[fontawesome icon=”heart” variation=”purple” size=”1x”]Social Media 

– Be active on other relevant pages and comment to drive engagement and make yourself a valuable member of the community

– If you can’t update your website right away, at least ensure your social media channels are updated with email, phone and a short description about your business

– Use Twitter to find brides by seeing who is following other local wedding businesses; use Pinterest to drive inspiration for brides yet link to valuable data on your website like packages and prices; use Facebook for engagement; and use LinkedIn groups to network with other wedding business professionals!

Connect with brides quickly!

Once you’ve been found online and you’ve provided enough information for brides to consider you, ensure you connect quickly if they message you. Passing the ‘connection test’ with brides is important. They want to know that you can bring their wedding dreams to life and capture their vision.

If you don’t have a presence online, they can’t find you. If you don’t provide enough information, they will quickly move onto the next vendor. Lastly, if you don’t message back quickly, they will find another vendor they feel they can trust.


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