How to Avoid Bridezilla; A Wedding Photographers Guide

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Things to consider before you agree to shoot their big day…

The photographer, arguably one of the most important decisions a couple will face when planning a wedding.

A quick Google Search will give couples thousands of tips on how to choose a wedding photographer.

But what are the things you, as a photographer needs to consider when taking on a new couple to capture, arguably the most important day of their lives? We spoke with our photography vendors about what to ask and think about when consulting with a potential new wedding client and how to avoid a Bridezilla.

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Great Expectations? What are their expectations from you as a wedding photographer and as a human?

– Are they booking one photographer for the day but expect coverage than only two people can provide?
– Getting a break down of what they expect from you can really help when booking a client as well as creating the final product.
– Many couples have unrealistic ideas or simply do not know what to expect, iron these expectations out before you commit to the booking and avoid bridezilla.

What do Their Ideal Photos Look Like? Do they have a style preference? Are they willing to give you creative freedom?

– It is paramount to be on the same page here. If you don’t feel you can achieve what they are looking for perhaps it is not a good idea to take the booking.
– By ensuring you can provide the end result you will have happy clients who leave positive reviews.
– Remember this could be the first time these people are booking a photographer, they may not understand what is and isn’t possible.

Money Matters What is their budget? It can be a difficult question to ask and also to answer. Your client may or may not have thought about the money side yet.

– You will need to once again manage expectations and ensure you can work within a couples budget while also achieving their vision.
– They may not have a realistic number, and, they might have no idea what to pay.
– Providing  break down of that they are getting will help couples understand the price tag
Wedding photographer,


Who Else is in the Running? As awkward as it might be, try to discover which other photographers the couple is considering.

– Knowing this will give you an insight into the style the couple is after and will also give you a chance to show-off your Unique Selling Point (USP) over the other contenders.

Location, Location, Location simply put, will the location hinder or enhance your images.

– By speaking about the wedding location and other expected photography locations you will be able to better prepare for the job and explain possibilities and limits of certain settings.

Who Told You? Find out how they found you, a classic question that often gets overlooked.

– Knowing how a couple came to request your services is vital to your wedding business on a number of levels.

– Not only is it important to your marketing strategy, but also, to help you understand any preconceptions the potential new client might have about you or your photography style.
– Were they been referred to you by a fantastic couple you worked with last year? What price did that couple pay? Brides do their research so it is important that you do yours.

Listen Up, Get to Know your Couple it sounds rather obvious, but the better you know your client, the better your work will be (we know you are a pro!) try to get to know the couples as much as possible.

– Listen as they speak about their wedding and also their interests, look for clues about how to ensure you capture the perfect snaps for the individual couple.

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