Get Higher Email Open Rates From Brides – Your Secret Weapons!

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Are you tired of emails getting lost in “cyber space”? Let’s face it, your intended recipient DID get you email but for one reason or another, did NOT open or reply. Read our tips on how to get higher email open rates and replies, plus one secret weapon! Take a look at the last email your received. How many words are viewable? Depending on your email provider you should see: the senders name, the subject and the email preview.

These are the weapons on offer when it comes to getting brides to open your email, use them wisely.

[icon name=icon-heart] From address – When you check your emails on a Monday morning after a busy weekend you will scan your new emails and start mentally prioritizing which ones deserves your attention, which ones you can simply delete and finally which ones will you open later. Brides are far more likely to open emails from people they know or email address’s that use the sender’s first name has more chance of being opened than  

[icon name=icon-heart] Subject line – Remember you may only be getting 5 or 6 words here so make em’ count. Personalize your subject using the brides name, win her attention with a catchy one liner that will spark her need to read on. Know her wedding date? Add this to subject line, this date is the most important date on her mind at the moment!  

[icon name=icon-heart] Email preview – Again, remember many email accounts show the first 5 words of the email before it is opened. Be personal and encourage her to read on. Don’t jump straight to fact you met her at a bridal show, she will smell a sales pitch coming and could delete before you even have a chance to state your case. Example: “Julie, the one thing I’ve always regretted about my wedding”

Secret Weapon – Weddingful messaging tool and email blast

email rates, secret, replies[icon name=icon-heart] Brides are addicted to their online Weddingful accounts. They are researching new vendors, browsing the live news feed and sharing wedding planning progress constantly. She is more likely to respond to you while she is online on Weddingful. So, message her there, she is in planning mode! Reach out to brides through your Weddingful account and receive higher open rates and replies.

[icon name=icon-heart] Weddingful also takes the stress of mass emailing brides away by doing it in a format the brides love! We send your popular packages directly to all the brides to be in your city. Do you struggle with Bcc and Cc? Don’t know what that means? Avoid having bridezilla on your hands and let Weddingful reach out to all the engaged brides on your behalf!

Advice from a bride: Email brides with the intent to actually get a reply! Do not copy and paste a long paragraph about your products or services, as if this was your only chance to ever speak to them. Keep the email short and sweet, ask them a question at the end so they can respond easily and on their phone as chances are this is where they are opening from.

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