Hey, it’s OK…

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…to vow, once and for all, that you would start your workout regimen and your wedding dress diet… hmm maybe tomorrow.

…to secretly have been buying and reading wedding magazines all your lives and look forward to the day you get engaged. Now when you are engaged, they are collecting dust.

…to have a second wedding dress all picked out and ready to jump in action, should your first dress somehow not work out.

…to ask your seamstress to take-in the wedding dress little tighter because you know, with certainty, that you can and will lose another 5 pounds.

…to set up a wedding registry but really hope to receive cash.

…to send multiple emails, voicemails and text messages to a wedding vendor, because, well, they didn’t get back to you yet.

…to feel super confident about having great ideas for your wedding since your Pin board is totally full, only to freak out when you don’t know how to find them.

…to have a small number of bridesmaids and groomsmen because, well, you feel bad burdening others with effort and costs.

…to write out your names and future names in multiple formation and font types, just to see which one looks the nicest and prettiest.

…to order extra cake pops for the wedding, because you just know, your wedding party will likely eat 15 the day before.

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