A Groom tried to stand out but ended up looking good in the background

In Angel's Corner

I know. It’s ALL about my bride and her wedding dress. That being said, when she looks at me walking down the aisle, or better yet, when she gets to the altar with me and everyone is finally looking at both of us – I need to look good too.

For our special day, I wanted to treat myself to a custom-designed suit.  The guys in the wedding party and I can also use our suits post-wedding too.

I chose Indochino.com because they are a fellow tech business here in Vancouver and I try to support local businesses when possible.  They also had a great package on Weddingful! 🙂 I have never tried the online concept but it would be perfect to tackle the task of making suits for my 4 groomsmen who are scattered across Canada and US. Most of them have never custom made a suit before either, so this is a treat and an experience for us all!

My groomsmen were intimidated at first about having to measure themselves, entering their measurement online. It is scary at first because you feel like you can screw up big time, but the process was much easier than we thought. Before the online portion, I visited the Indochino Pop-up event in October.  I really like their branding and their style. It’s modern, clean and it’s immaculate. Since our wedding is in May, they advised that I can start the process in January, receiving my suits in March, having enough time to alter anything I need, but not too far away from the wedding date that any of my weight gain or loss would affect the fit.

Once January hit, I set up a group profile on the site, following some videos for taking the measurements. All we had to do was select few specific options like fabric choices, cuts, style and combination etc. A quick hit on the submit button – wedding planning task done!

A giant package shaped like a pizza box was delivered to each of our houses.  I felt like royalty getting a custom-made suit delivered to my home but the price is on par with buying a nice off-the-rack suit so no royal bloodline needed.  Some of our suits needed slight alterations but Indochino covered all the costs and it was really painless.

Our verdict: Custom made suits are the way to go, forget about renting one.  Indochino has the process dialed.

– Darren Bounds, Newlywed (to CEO Angel Pui)