3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Wedding Planning

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Congratulations on your engagement! Now what? Most newly engaged couples don’t know where to start after their engagement. Avoid frustration and check our list of 3 questions every bride should ask herself before planning their wedding.

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1) Will this be a big or small wedding?
Most couples can easily invite 200 guests from their hometown and put on a show of a lifetime. Is that something you want? Or would you rather have an intimate fete? A destination wedding? This leads to our next question.2) How many people will we invite?
You may not have the exact number yet, but drawing up a list of guests will give you a ballpark figure on guest counts, which is very important in the research phase. Here is our Guest List Checklist to get you started.3) What type of wedding would you like?

This is where your personality can shine through. But avoid making a decision based solely on style. You may want an elegant, classic or rustic wedding. But will your fiancé want it too? This question will help both of you to finalize the type of wedding venue and ambience. 


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  1. Absolutely. We picked a venue that is a state park rdeicung our venue cost to about 300 dollars, Some have chairs and tables for rent or you can go to a rental company and they run about a dollar per chair for rental. We chose not to do a full dinner and just doing some appetizers and snacks. My dress.. Craigslist.. I bought it for 50 dollars.. Amazing gown. Cake we are going to do a pretty simple wedding cake that probably wont serve everyone but we are going to do a giant costco cake and have it cut up and set out with the real wedding cake . Napkins and table settings. You can buy a case of napkins from costco for like 20 bux and they are the good dinner napkins you would find at a restraunt. Foam or chinet plate work just as well as some fine china and you can get those at costco too.. For the guys tux we are doing black slacks and then a vest and a nice white shirt rather that the whole enesemble. Drinks dont do alcahol. thats where you are going to lose alot of your budget. Stick with a simple punch.. We will do sprite and hawian punch mix. Its really tasty. Do you have any friends who like to do hair?? I will ask a bridesmaid to do my hair and that will be her duty for the wedding. Simple is in with weddings and hair. Want to get your nails done? Ask your local beauty school how much they charge as to compared to your normal nail salon you can tend to get them 10 dollars or so cheaper and sometimes better quality! Use your venue for both wedding and reception if possible. You will save on transportation for you and your groom and bridal party. Also u can incorporate the decoration from the ceremony to your reception and save money. If you arent super picky silk flowers are the way to go. If you wish to do real flowers my bridesmaids are only carrying a single stem rose with a ribbon tied around it. Flower girls go with silk flowers because these are going to be stepped on and mangled if they are real. Go simple for centerpieces. We are doing like a small fish bowl with a small tea light. I have heard a cute suggestion doing candy in your centerpieces and that much less you have to haul home. Music do you have a stereo of your own at home that you could have say like a brother or best man hook up and just do that for music? I think its better than super booming bass and what not. Photographer.. The ceremony is more important than anything and dont skimp. These are your memories The Reception I would buy 5 or 10 disposable cameras (i know they have been on sale thru the knot store for liked 3 dollars a piece) and have your attendees take pictures during the reception and then you will have some cute snapshots! Invitations.. we are doing wiltons create your own a box of 50 runs 17-18 dollars at walmart. Rings we got my engagement ring at Fred Meyer Jeweler for 300 dollars! Its beautiful Fred meyers also has a trade in with a ring you buy meaning.. I bought mine for 300 in a year or 2 if i want to upgrade I can go in and find something double what i bought it for 600+ and they will give me 300 dollars towards my purchase of my next ring. Limo.. do you neeeeed a limo? We dont Just use your own car you already have it why not! Keep it simple when you do favors because alot of the times they end up gettin thrown out. Do a small piece of tulle and some candy and a ribbon tied around it. Simple and they will get eatn. You could probably do without a planner too. Just ask your mom your maid of honor and your bridesmaids to help with whatever you need thats what they are there for.. I use theknot.com budgeter and i typed in how much i want my wedding to be and it estimates what I should spend on each catergory Sorry if this was really long but i really hope it helps!!!!

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