FIND THE PERFECT VENDOR PART 1: Venue, Photo, Music & Cake

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Use the following tips while you browse our lists of wedding packages,before you ask for your next quote or even before your next appointment with a potential vendor:



  • What’s the feel/theme? Glam, country, DIY, vintage, etc
  • Indoors or outdoors? Ballroom, restaurant, beach, tented garden, hall, park.
  • How many guests? Intimate (up to 40), mid size (up to 75), regular size (up to 125), large party (over 125)
  • What’s included? Catering, decor, on-site coordinator, valet parking.
  • How far is it from the ceremony site (if separate)? Will there be traffic when the reception starts?
  • Things to consider: Fridays and Sundays are cheaper than Saturdays and long weekends. High season rates are usually May/June to September.
  • Typical cost: (based on 100 guests)
    • $ = $5000 with nothing included
    • $$ = $7000-$12000 food included, budget friendly including food & bev.
    • $$$ = $15000+ higher end



  • How many hours do you need coverage for? Some of your favorite shots will be your “getting ready” photos before the craziness starts. Most people choose not to keep the photo and video team after the dancing starts.
  • Check their portfolio and show them the shots you like best so they know what kind of footage you are going for; classic, photojournalism, illustrative, natural light. For videographers; cinematic or documentary?
  • Anything included? A lot of photographers include an engagement shoot at a lower rate so you try their services first. Albums? DVD? Online gallery?
  • Does the video include raw footage or only the 3- 5 minute edits?
  • Hiring the same team for photo and video can save you some money but make sure you like both of their styles.
  • Typical cost:
    • Full day photo (typical 8 hrs):
      • $ = $1000-$2500 budget friendly
      • $$ = $2500-3500 regular price
      • $$$ = $3500+ higher end
    • Full day video (typical 6-8hrs)
      • $ = $2500-$3000 budget friendly
      • $$ = $3000-$4500 regular price
      • $$$ = $4500+ higher end



  • What kind of music do you want? Ceremony (usually harp or violin), Cocktail hour (strings or jazz), live band (varies in size from 4 to 8 usually) or DJ?
  • How many hours do you need?
  • Do you need extras? Smoke machine, lights, MC service.
  • Typical cost:
  • DJ: $550 to $1,400
  • Live band: $1,200 to $3,000+



  • How many guests will you feed?
  • How many flavors do you want? Each tier can be a different flavor or you can choose to have the same.
  • What kind of cake do you want? The more photos you save and share with potential vendors the more likely you will have your dream cake.
  • TIP: To save money, you can request for a fake tiered cake and serve guests from a cake sheet of the flavours that you want. Another option is to have a small cake at the top of a cupcake tower. There are also options for donut tower, macaron tower, cookie tower, the options are endless!
  • Typical Cost:
    • $ = $3-5 per slice
    • $$ = $5-8 per slice
    • $$$ = $8-15 per slice