Do You Make It Easy For Couples To Buy?

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do you make it easy for couples to buy?

Couples invariably have a long list of services and products they need to procure before their big day. Businesses that make it easy for couples to shop are apt to benefit with a sale or booking. However, there are some key methods to keep in mind when marketing to couples.


  • Be Upfront about Costs 

While wedding preparation is dreamy with its visions of white gowns and roses, many couples remain grounded by budget concerns. Vendors that provide upfront costs for all of their services or products make it easier for couples to make a decision. Having printed material about costs, particularly regarding services, provides couples with the basic information they need to plug your business in to their wedding plan.

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  • Always Have Top-Notch Samples 

The best way to sell to couples is to wow them with your actual product whether you sell bridal veils, arrange wedding flowers, or make cakes. While references and testimonials can be helpful, actual proof of your talent or product may allow you to make your sale right on the spot. If you are attending a bridal show or meeting one on one with a couple for an appointment, be sure to have some excellent samples with you to showcase your services or merchandise.

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  • Ask for the Booking or Sale 

No matter what wedding service you provide, it’s always a good idea to ask outright for the booking or sale. The couple can always tell you what she wants to reflect, but she may just need that extra nudge to make her decision. As an added must–always have everything you need with you to close the booking or sale, whether it’s a receipt book for a deposit; a contract; or an appointment book; be prepared!


Just these few techniques can help you secure more business and better market to couples.

The bridal industry is competitive, so be sure you give yourself the edge you need for your business to thrive.