Crucial Things to Consider Before Booking Your Caterer

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Finding a Caterer

The best way to find a caterer is through personal recommendation from someone you trust. Ask friends, family and colleagues who they’ve used or find an on-line forum that pertains to caterers in your area. Checkout sites like yelp, or chowhound for your particular city.

The Venue

Its always a good idea to pick a caterer that has worked in the venue you’ve booked. Does your chosen venue have a commercially equipped kitchen?

Or will your caterer have to create one? If your venue is non-traditional, say for instance a backyard, park or public space, look for a caterer that has worked these types of events before. There’s a big difference between cooking in your “home kitchen” and cooking in a makeshift kitchen on the side of a mountain!

Cocktail Reception

Cocktail receptions are perfect for any occasion, at any time of the day. Bite sized hors d’oeuvres and elegant platters can bridge the gap between meals or be substantial enough to be your main meal. Estimate 3 – 5 bites per person before dinner, 7 – 14 bites for an early afternoon event and 15 – 20 bites in lieu of a traditional dinner.

This s a guest post from Donna Wadsworth of Savoury City, catering and events in Vancouver.