Case Study: Perfectly Flawless Events

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A Vancouver Wedding Coordinator

Perfectly Flawless


Perfectly Flawless  Events

Years in Business: 3 Years

Category: Planners & Coordination

Location:  Vancouver

Started with Weddingful: August 2012.

♥ How Has Weddingful Worked for You?

Weddingful has been great advertisement!  I have had MANY inquiries and a dozen bookings.  In addition, a few inquiries have turned into word of mouth referrals, which have also turned into bookings.

♥ Which Subscription Plan Do You Use?

I choose the Pro Subscription Plan right now because it gives me the right mix of exposure against the cost of the plan.  In this competitive industry there are more and more companies offering Day of Wedding Coordination services.  There are many inquiries from Weddingful and I need to sharpen my strategy to ensure that I am the one getting these bookings.

♥ Statistics

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♥ Has Weddingful Brought Other Inquires?

In addition to messages and online bookings through Weddingful, I  have had quite a few other phone and email inquiries about my “Day Of” services.

Responses By:  Anna Cuccione of Perfectly Flawless Events in Vancouver