Bride and Groom Wedding Photo Ideas: Unique Poses and Settings

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Photography by Warm Photo

Bride and Groom Wedding Photo ideas: Unique Poses and Settings

The magic of film and photography has amazed countless numbers of people since its creation in the early 1800s. With a lens, film (or digital photoreceptors, as is the case in most modern cameras), and a trained eye, photographers can turn the most ordinary objects into intriguing and beautiful works of art – a special occasion like a wedding has all the more magic instilled in every moment, and capturing these wedding moments has become an art form and industry in and of itself! More and more, couples are elaborating on the run-of-the-mill formal portraiture to create scenes that speak to their personalities, attitudes, and unique wedding themes. Partnering with their photographers, these couples create scenes that are unique, unexpected, and unlike anything you’re accustomed to seeing in a wedding album.

In this post, Weddingful has compiled a small collection of these rare captures for your wedding photo inspiration. If you’re looking for a wedding photo that defies the norms, try out a few of these poses and settings!

Wedding with Wildlife

Photography by Xsight Productions

Zoos make great wedding venues – they’re filled with life, infused with a sense of the exotic, and they often feature lush gardens, wide lawns, pavilions, and plenty of amenities for holding a party. A wedding at a zoo can also take advantage of the wild and unexpected scenarios that are bound to occur when the bride and groom step aside for a quiet moment together – this photographer has captured a rare encounter with a curious giraffe! How’s that for a wild wedding day?


Lost in the Moment

Photography by Warm Photo
Photography by Warm Photo

There’s something cinematic about being lost in the moment, frozen in time while the crazy world zooms by of its own accord. Some couples achieve this “lost in the moment” scene by posing in the middle of a busy crowded place like a train station, while the photographer captures a moment’s embrace in the midst of busy comings and goings. This photographer has created a scene in which the couple is surrounded by the dynamic movement of hundreds of fluttering sheets of paper – in the midst of the paper chaos, it appears that this couple can’t be convinced to take their eyes of one another. With this movement-filled photo, the photographer has frozen an intimate moment in time.


Beginning an Adventure

Photography by Christie Graham Photography

Instead of posing together in a bench and strolling in a park, this adventurous couple has chosen to the make the trek through high tide in order to get their wedding photos! Surrounded by water on all sides, this location isn’t a walk in the park, but this couple is obviously up for a little water around their ankles – it’s all in the name of adventure. For a young pair beginning their life journey as husband and wife, an adventurous setting like this one sends a perfect message about overcoming the many obstacles they’ll face together.


Laughing in the Tub

Photography by Jessica Zais Photography

Sometimes you simply can’t resist taking advantage of a ripe opportunity when you see one – this couple has taken advantage of this old abandoned dub, making for a humorous and quirky couple’s pose. If you’re looking to remember your big day as a bright, enjoyable celebration full of good laughs, you should spend a moment looking over your venue beforehand, finding those secret spots that have something humorous, quirky, and unexpected to add to your wedding shoot.

In a Cornfield

Photography by Callie Pitts Davis

Married life isn’t a bed of roses – there are plenty of other environments you’ll be finding yourselves in as husband and wife. Unlike roses, this countryside cornfield doesn’t instantly conjure a vision of romance. However, this intimate and loving pose brings warmth, tenderness, and a hint of glamour to a scene that’s usually perceived as utilitarian and rugged. Working with a good photographer, any backdrop can become a setting for romance on your wedding day, and this unique cornfield capture is proof.

Posing by a Mural

Photography by Julia Franzosa Photo

Looking to make a big statement without fussing about the details? Striking a pose in from of a wall mural is a great way to create an artistic, edgy, and memorable scene. For urban weddings especially, public art offers a wealth of variety that can infuse colour and personality into a city wedding. The possibilities are endless when it comes to building upon a bright backdrop like this one – you can strike a simple standing pose like this wedding party, or you can get creative by bringing props or furniture that allow you to create poses that interact with the painted scene in a more involved manner.

All About Perspective

Photography by Christie Graham Photography

Yes, you’ll want many photos that capture your twinkling eyes, close embraces, and many subtle glances that you’ll share as a couple on your wedding day. But a photo like this one takes a step back in order to paint a bigger picture around the two of you, providing a perspective that places you in your own private world. The thin lines of this suspended bride create an image where this newlywed couple appears to float in space, wrapped up in the lush greens, expansive mountains, and fresh air that fills the space all around. Although you can’t see the expressions on their faces, the sentiment of this photo is clear – even with a big world surrounding them, this couple will stay by each other’s side.


Doing Normal Things Together

Photography by Nessa K Photography

This engagement pose would also make a great pose at a wedding held in an art gallery, public hall, or historic estate – or anywhere that boasts a few paintings on the walls! This well-composed capture tells the story of doing something completely normal together, offering the image of a couple sharing a moment while looking around at a few paintings. A loving pose like this would look great in any setting, but with an antique painting as a backdrop, this pose becomes part of an artistic and interactive scene that takes advantage of the couple’s story in addition to the story offered by the artwork in front of them.

Now that you’ve seen some unique photo inspiration, your next step is to find a photographer! If you’re stuck when it comes to planning the logistics, Weddingful  can help. Our online planner is free, and it’s designed to match you with vendors – from photographers to planners to cake artists – who fit your location, budget, and style.