Bridal Hair Trends for 2013

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We checked in with Monica at MonStyleFile to get the lastest on current Bridal Hair Trends.

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As a bridal hairstylist I pore over countless images of hair in print and online. The modern day bride will daydream on Pinterest, Instagram, and do Google searches of ‘wedding hair’ to get her visual inspiration. I’m no exception.

♥ Braids

When a bride shows me pictures of the hairstyle she wants, chances are I’ve seen the photo before. The most popular wedding hairstyle requested is the Jessica Alba updo with the braids on the side. If you know what I’m talking about already you are a hair freak like me. And you would also know that braids of all types are trending.

Bridal Hair Trends - Braids

From seeking out hair images myself, and seeing what styles my clients requested, I started to notice three distinct elements that make up a coveted hairstyle. I’ve included photos of my past clients to help demonstrate each point.

♥ Muti-tonal Colour

All of my clients show me hair photos with dimensional colour. I’m talking about highlights, lowlights, tone-on-tone colour. They didn’t actively search for multi-tonal hair images, they were just drawn to them. Why? Because the beauty lies in the detail. You can appreciate the twists, the swirls, the braids, and the definition in the hair when you can clearly see them.

Bridal Hair Trends Multi-tonal Colour

Ask your hairstylist to create dimension in your hair within the month before your wedding date. Partial highlights, and tone on tone highlighting is a subtle way to perk up your hair. If you are averse to chemically altering your hair, don’t fret, keep reading to the next tip. 

♥ Big Hair Don’t Care

Not many of us were born with goddess-like hair, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have it for your wedding day. No client has ever showed me a photo of wimpy hair. They show me the photos with flattering volume, full buns, and lush curls. The secret to this is hair extensions. If you think hair extensions are reserved for only the girliest girls out there, you’re not alone in this view. Although they seem very high maintenance, the clip-in kind is very easy to use and is undetectable when staggered throughout the head. That celebrity hairstyle you like? It probably has extensions. They’re so commonly used because they’re customizable and add that oomph to the hair that looks amazing in person, and translates so beautifully on camera.

2013 Bridal Hair Trends - Big Hair and Curls
Tara McMullen Photography & Fiona Man Makeup

Make sure to try before you buy. It’s important to colour match the extensions in-store because these items are typically final sale. There are two categories of extensions you should note: synthetic and human. Buy synthetic hair extensions if you will not be heat styling or human hair extensions if you will be. The fantastic thing about extensions is that you can also use them to add multi-dimensional colour to your hair – without the chemical process. Buy extensions in a shade that’s lighter or darker to your own hair to introduce that new tone.

A Little Something Something

No matter the style you choose for your wedding day, from sleek and sophisticated to shaggy and bohemian, a hair accessory is the little something something that differentiates your wedding day hair from any-other-day hair. Whether it be a fascinator, a jewelled piece, or a tiara, it’s your special day, so add a little sparkle to everyone’s eyes.

Bridal Hair Trend - Hair Pieces
Left: Jennifer Ballard Photography & Fiona Man Makeup Right: Alex Chan Photography
Bridal Hair Trends - Headband
Barry Cardosa Photography & Dawlface Makeup

Having beautiful hair is not about doing what is trendiest, it’s about taking what you have and enhancing it to show off your personal style. To all of the brides-to-be out there, happy wedding planning and I hope to personally work with you on your wedding day!


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