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Having trouble finding a cake that tastes as good as it looks? We found some pretty amazing options for you, and they just happen to be The Best Wedding Cake Companies in Boston!  Read below to see our favorite picks!

oakleaf cakes bake shop

Oakleaf Cakes Bake Shop claims their secret ingredient is effort. They pride themselves in making real food by hand with raw materials, and the results have been amazing so far. They admit that they could use things as frozen doughs and make their revenue skyrocket, but that is not who they are. Their deepest hope is that you enjoy their food as much as they love making it for you.

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Deliciously, artistic cakes   Price Range: $7-12/serving  |  Boston, MA  |  Advice for couples: Do a bit of research of generally what you envision your cake to be, whether it’s a masterpiece of art or just simply delicious.  Bring your inspiration findings (colors, invites, dress pics, decorations etc.) to us, your cake designer, as we are very visual people and both of us starting on the same page visually helps in designing your custom cake!

Best Boston Wedding Cakes
Oakleaf Cakes Bake Shop

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cakes to remember

Ellen’s love for cake started back when she was graduating from Brown University, and knew she was destined to create beautiful food to show the world. She went from exploring Europe, to having her own small catering business to finally realizing that making one-of-a-kind cakes as works of art was her ultimate passion. Ellen has vowed to keep her business, Cakes to Remember, small and intimate.

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Original, delicious, collaborative cakes   Price Range: Starts at $6/serving  |  Brookline, MA  |  Advice for couples: Try to enjoy the process, we’re here to hold your hand if you need it and help guide you to get to where you want to be!

Best Boston Wedding Cakes
Cakes to Remember

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This amazing baking company has been delighting customers with their delicious cakes for more than 50 years! On top, Montilios also delivers daily pastry orders to their many loyal followers. By simply taking a look at their vast gourmet wedding cakes gallery you will be able to see the fabulous cake creations they can make.

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Creative, delicious, excellence cakes   Price Range: Starts at $3.85/serving  |  Braintree, MA  |  Advice to couples: Bring pictures of designs you like to show what your thoughts are.  Bring swatches if you want to include specific colors in your cake.

Best Boston Wedding Cakes

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cakes by erin

Cakes by Erin, is a 100% nut free wedding cake company! Founded by Erin Erler in 2010, Cakes by Erin has developed quite a loyal following throughout the years. They have even had the pleasure of making cakes for celebrities, such as Adam Sandler, Seth McFarlane, Conan O’Brien, and Florida Georgia Line to name a few!

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Creative, unique, fun cakes  |  Price Range: $1.5- $5.50/serving  |  Haverhill, MA  |  Advice for couples: Direction. We can make any cake style or design you like but we also love creating designs and I think the key to both is direction.  What’s your wedding style? Colors? Are there any aspects you really want to see on your cake.

Best Boston Wedding Cakes
Cakes by Erin

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cakes by design edible art

Cakes by Design Edible Art was founded in 2005, by Lina Hunter who studied with some of the best confectionary artists including Colette Peters and Scott Clark Woolley.  She also attended the Notter School of Pastry Arts.  Started as a team of one, Cakes by Design Edible Art has grown and now has a team of 4 expert pastry artists.

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Bright, bold, delicious cakes  |  Price Range: Starts at $4/serving  |  North Andover, MA  |  Advice to couples:  Be prepared. It is very important to have all your information together including colors, design ideas, number of guests, location and date of your event.

Best Boston Wedding Cakes
Cakes by Design Edible Art

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specialty wedding cakes

Specialty Wedding Cakes prides itself in making sure no detail is missed when crafting your beautiful cake. Using high quality ingredients, they promise to deliver a stress free experience.  What more could you ask for in such an important event?

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Beautiful, scrumptious, memorable cakes   Price range: $4- $5/serving  |  Mendon, MA  Advice to couples: Explore cake photos for inspirational design details and be open to new ideas and options.

Best Boston Wedding Cakes
Specialty Wedding Cakes

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dessert works

Dessert Works cakes are a true labor of love. They combine their perfect blend of inspiration, passion and serious baking know-how to every single one of the cakes they create. They love creating delicious delights for important celebrations in peoples lives. They have grown their business for over a decade on repeat customers.

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Delicious, elegant, professional cakes  |  Price: $4-$7/serving  |  Westwood, MA  |  Advice to couples: Bring any  images that reflect your unique wedding style (pinterest favorites) & an appetite!

Best Boston Wedding Cakes
Dessert Works

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Jenny’s Wedding Cakes has a simple philosophy. They believe that “the more you know your customer, the easier it is to make them happy.” Jenny began as a caterer for small parties, but it was only after her friend trusted her with her wedding cake, that she discovered her life’s passion!

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Authentic, exceptional, personal cakes  |  Price: Starts at $6.75/serving  |  Amesbury, MA  |  Advice to couples: Be open , trust your professionals and let them offer what they do best. Also, I always stress authenticity, meaning stay true to your personality and style, don’t try to force something that isn’t you.

Best Boston Wedding Cakes
Jenny’s Wedding Cakes

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