Angel’s Wedding Diary #9: I Found the Perfect Wedding Venue!

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The Perfect Wedding Venue

It’s official! I found the Perfect Wedding Venue!

My biggest challenge throughout this whole process was trying to find a venue that fit my entire wish list. I realized that I had to figure out the one deal breaker that I wouldn’t compromise on… a deal or no deal type of thing. For me, that deal breaker was having an outdoor / open air wedding. I narrowed down my search based on that and had the following conversation with myself:

“Where in Vancouver can I have an outdoor wedding without the risk of it getting rained out?

Answer: Nowhere. The weather is so unpredictable.

Where can I have an outdoor wedding without the risk of it raining?

Answer: Somewhere tropical.”

So by process of elimination, I decided to have a destination wedding! With doing so, I could have more of my wish list plus avoid having a huge wedding (bonus!). Now the fun part; where in the world do we go? My top two contenders were Bali and Hawaii but I had a few things to consider before I could make my final decision:

[icon name=icon-heart] What will be easily accessible for my guests?

[icon name=icon-heart] Where haven’t most people been?

[icon name=icon-heart] What will be least stressful for me and my fiancé?

Hawaii it was! And with that, the planning had officially started. I didn’t want a hotel or restaurant wedding so my search started on VRBO for a private house on the island of Kauai… and it was pretty painless since I was flexible with dates.

For brides out there considering a destination wedding, here are some tips and questions to ask when looking for a venue remotely:

[icon name=icon-heart] Is there an event fee? If so, negotiate it off – asking nicely can go a long way

[icon name=icon-heart] Read reviews – Since you can’t meet in person, reviews are key to finding a reputable host

[icon name=icon-heart] Ask for previous event pictures – It will help you envision your wedding in the space

[icon name=icon-heart] Things to inquire about: wall outlets, yard measurements, parking, noise restrictions, catering access, kitchen size, available furniture, access to beach, portable toilet requirements

[icon name=icon-heart] Go with your gut feeling – if the rapport with the host isn’t there over the phone or if they doesn’t seem too knowledgeable or reasonable with fees, it will make planning just that much more difficult.

The host of the private house we booked has been a wealth of knowledge and couldn’t have been more helpful. I’m ecstatic that our immediate family will be staying with us for the entire week. All I’ve been hearing is that destination weddings are one big party with your closest family and friends. We can’t wait. Counting down the days now…

Did you get married in Hawaii? I want to hear about your experience!