Angel’s Wedding Diary #7: Choosing a Wedding Dress Part 2!

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Choosing a Wedding Dress - Part 2!

After narrowing down my wedding dress options to 5 in my last post, I still had a hard decision ahead of me. I got advice from friends, family, and even some people weighed in online. It wasn’t until I went to a holiday party that I made up my mind. I ended up going with… drum roll please… a custom wedding dress. Curve ball!

It was at the holiday party that I connected with a friend, designer Joanna Delaney, who pitched the idea of a custom wedding dress with enthusiasm. It was as simple as that, the decision was made and a meeting was scheduled for the following week.

Designer Joanna Delaney sketches out some ideas during first meeting
Designer Joanna Delaney sketches out some ideas during first meeting

Our first meeting was easy and came with no surprises; my measurements were taken and the rest of the time was spent talking about the look and inspiration for my dress. Unique, Grecian, maybe with a dropped shoulder, and perhaps a chiffon bottom. Simple yet elegant… isn’t that what every bride wants?

The experience was so different from shopping for a wedding dress. I could now have exactly what I wanted, tailor made for my body instead of having to find something that “fits” me, only to have it altered to actually fit. As I’ve been going through the process for the past few months, here’s my advice to those brides considering going the custom route:

[icon name=icon-heart] Trust your designer – You have to be fully invested in this person for it to work

[icon name=icon-heart] Have a strong vision – Know exactly what you want and communicate it

[icon name=icon-heart] Be flexible and available – Fixes and alterations are a part of the process

[icon name=icon-heart] Expect a higher price, longer timeline, and more changes – It’s custom after all

[icon name=icon-heart] Don’t lose weight – Unless you want more fittings, changes, and an unhappy designer 🙂

As of this week, the dress is ready and I can’t wait for the day to come! Stay tuned for pictures…

Are you getting your wedding dress custom made and have advice for future brides? Let us know by commenting below! 


  1. Couldn’t agree more. Joanna is making my dress and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s super enthusiastic and such a sweetheart. I trust her completely and can’t wait to see the dress. She has made the whole process stress free, Any bride can welcome that!

    • That’s so great to hear, Lindsay! You’ll have to send a picture of your dress after the wedding or, better yet, let us feature it on our blog 🙂

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