Angel’s Wedding Diary #6 – Choosing a Wedding Dress – Part One!

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Choosing a wedding dress is much more difficult that I thought — and so I’m “calling a friend” so to speak! After lots of effort, I’ve narrowed it down to my 5 fave styles.  Then I had my bridesmaids give each of them a score from 1-5 and tell me what they thought! See if you agree with their comments, and tell me which one you would choose for me!

Have a look at the 5 Dresses in this video from Picture and Color

The Judges

Mandy: “I’ve watched Say Yes to the Dress for years, so I sort of know what I’m talking about!”
Annalea: “I’m German so I tell it like it is.”
Gaezelle: “I read Vogue and In-Style for decades, so that makes me an expert- right?!”
Doris: “I must admit, I don’t know much about fashion…but I know what I like!”










The Dresses

Each of my bridesmaids rated the dresses out of a possible 5 stars


♥  Dress 1
Mandy: Even though I’m a fan of lace, I I’ve never seen my sister wear lace in her life, so this just doesn’t seem like it could be “her dress”. Plus I’d want a little bit less lace. I do like the shape of the dress though.
Annalea: It’s a pretty dress, but too feminine for this basketball pro. Cut the lace.
Gaezelle: The Spanish lace style of this dress gives it a “romantic’ look to its overall quality, which fits her theme in mind for her big day. The deep V-neck line is flattering on Angel and really shows off her décolletage. Simplicity at its best!
Doris: Since Angel wants a Rustic Modern theme, this one is my favourite of the bunch!  The delicate lace detailing, open back, and beautiful train brings to mind a romantic garden party hung with string lanterns and fireflies fluttering about.


♥  Dress 2
Mandy: I like the silkiness of the dress but it might not be suitable for the “rustic” theme of the wedding.  Also, the draping and mesh flowers aren’t that flattering. But I do like the mini-train.
Annalea: I like the silky material and slim fit, but we would need to lose the feather on the shoulder.
Gaezelle: Heads will turn if this is the dress she chooses. I do however; find the feathers on the shoulder piece a bit distracting. Overall, the fit of the dress showcases Angels’ figure. But, I think this dress is better worn for a different occasion…definitely red carpet!
Doris: This one reminds me more of an evening gown than a wedding dress.  Not a huge fan of the seam on the skirt but the feathers are cute!


♥  Dress 3
Mandy: Too haute couture for my taste.  And the neck looks stuffy and itchy!  But the sweetheart neckline looked nice, and my sister looked happy wearing it – just don’t know if she’d just like that style for one of her special occasion dresses, or for her ultimate wedding dress!
Annalea: This looks very regal. Something for the runway but with the theme of her wedding being rustic elegant I think it’s too haute couture.
Gaezelle: I think Victoria Beckham glam when I see this dress. The lacing on the halter I find gives the illusion that Angel’s shoulders are too broad.  Angel likes unique/couture dresses, however, this dress may be too “off the runaway” for her wedding day.
Doris: Angel is swimming in this one but if it were fitted to her size, the high collar neckline is very pretty.


♥  Dress 4

Mandy: My favourite of the bunch! Absolutely love the lace bodice, and I told Angel immediately that I can really see her walking down the aisle in this dress!  The material of the dress is a bit heavy, but I think it can totally be “the dress” if the dress material is abit more light and flowy.

Gaezelle: It has a whimsical feel to it – the sweetheart lace is absolutely gorgeous!  The neckline gives her the look of a full bust (and who doesn’t want that! LOL) and this dress fits her like a glove.  The only critique is that it’s too bottom-heavy; if the overall silhouette of the bottom half is altered, this is a WINNER in my eyes.
Annalea: If this dress was a different material I could see Angel walking down the runway in it. There’s some nice lace at the top, but then its simple yet elegant – a classic look.
Doris: I heart the sweetheart neckline on her!  Not sold on the material though as it seems a little to stiff for the occasion.


♥  Dress 5

Mandy: I find the one shoulder-sweetheart neckline too trendy for a wedding dress.  However, I love the low back, and also the lace.
Annalea: I like the overall look and feel of this dress, the little feathers should be removed as they are a bit distracting but otherwise I like the swarovski accents and shape of the dress. The one shoulder is also a nice touch.
GaezelleThe one shoulder strap and deep V scoop on the back, gives this dress a glamorous look. The lace and beading detail is quite intricate throughout the train, that you do have to be careful while wearing this dress (CAUTION: fabric snagging will occur!). Aside from the one shoulder, this dress does not have a lot of character and WOW- factor so I don’t thinks it’s “the dress”!
Doris: The one shoulder strap is special feature and looks great on Angel!  I love how this dress flows…very magical 🙂


What do you think?


♥ Now it’s your turn! Please tell me what you think! 


  1. I love the detail and lightness of dress 5! One shoulder strap suits you, Angel!

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